Welcome Piper, first baby of the new year

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Special to the News-Ledger

We are pleased to announce McPherson’s first baby for 2021. Piper Naomi Kaufmann, daughter of Audrey and Jordan Kaufmann of McPherson, was born Sunday, Jan. 3, at 12:32 a.m., just missing her due date by 32 minutes. The delivering physician was Dr. Alicia Chennell.

Piper has an 18-month-old brother, Jack, also born at McPherson Hospital in June 2019. 

Audrey said, “We had such a great experience with Jack, it was easy for us to come back here for our daughter. All the nurses take such excellent care of us.”

Piper and Jack come from a long line of family members from both sides who were born at McPherson Hospital. In fact, New Year babies also run in the family. Two of Jordan’s sisters had New Year babies, one at McPherson Hospital in 2014 and another in 2016 in Harvey County.

Audrey and Jordan are lifelong residents of McPherson, each graduating from Elyria High School in 2014. Jordan attended Central Christian College and Audrey went to Kansas State University. Jordan works at Simply Good Overstocks in McPherson and South Hutchinson.

Maternal grandparents are Wayne and June Unruh of McPherson. Paternal grandparents are Charles and Lori Kaufmann, also of McPherson.

As the first to deliver at the hospital in the new year, the family received a customary basket of toys, clothing and other soft items from the McPherson Hospital Volunteers and the Gift Shop.

The Kaufmann’s say Piper’s brother, Jack, isn’t quite old enough to understand about having a new sister, but Jordan says he’s going to figure it out really quickly and will do fine. So far, 2021 is starting out to be pretty special for this young family.