Week one Junior Reporter submissions

Editor's Note: This week we launched the Junior Reporter program at the McPherson News-Ledger. Each week we are assigning a topic and area students can submit an article on the topic. We are printing some of the submissions in the paper but all submissions will be shared on our website. 

The first assignment for Junior Reporter's was to interview someone they live with. They took their assignment seriously and blew us away with their wonderful submissions. Keep up the good work! We will post the assignment for week two on Wednesday morning. 

We hope you enjoy the submissions as much as we did!
Someone I live with
By Jensyn Alexander 
This is a hard choice to write about who I live with because I live with a bunch of people.

My mom and dad,one sister,three brothers and one dog. I am gonna write about my dog and parents because they have saved my life many times. It all started when I was born. I am the second youngest in my family.When I was about two we moved in to a country house and we thought we needed a dog.So one day we went and were looking for one we found one that we liked she was ten months old at the time.But of course we had to ask our dad and it took a bit to convince him but we got her. Her name is Staley Sugarlee Alexander. We named her staley after the Chicago Bears mascot. Sugarlee because sugar was gonna be her first name and it became her middle name lee is because that is my mom and my middle name.Staley is such a sweet dog.When I was about to go to third grade and I was diagnosed with type one diabetes it was a hard time but my parents were there for me.The reason I also choose my dog is because she saved my life.One night last year my blood sugar was dangerously low but my parents did not know because my dexcom was not working,and then all I feel is my dog biting my feet and jumping on me.I finally woke up and my hands were shaking so bad so I went and treated.These are my heros and I could not live without these people and my whole family.    
My Interview With Someone I Live With
By Aurelia Potter 

For my interview I interviewed my older sister Ariana Potter. She is a 2020 senior at McPherson High School.

Her interests are softball and fashion. She plays catcher and third base.  She plays for the Kansas Blue Sox club team out of Wichita. She played High School softball but her season got cancelled because of COVID-19.

Ariana is really good at softball and she is a great catcher. She has hit 10 home runs and got a scholarship to Northern Oklahoma college. We personally know the coach. Her name is Meagan Hill. She used to coach for the Blue Sox. Plus the college is only two and a half hours away so she won't be too far away.  

Something Ariana struggled with at first was softball.  She was ten when she was asked to play for the 10 and under Lady Express team out of McPherson. She had never played softball before this time. After she started to learn the game she started playing catcher. She moved to 14 and under and then 16 and under still for Lady Express and then when it was time for 18 and under she switched to Kansas Blue Sox. She overcame the struggle by practicing a lot and taking private lessons from a catcher from Bethany College who is now Big Sister Courtney!  She also had Big Brother Joel working with her to teach to block for catching.

My favorite thing about her is her personality. She is such a good role model for me. Her personality is so spunky and at times she is so silly. She is so pretty and is always willing to help me with my homework. She is a great big sister.

The people she loves the most is our family because whenever she needs us we are there for her. Some other people she loves are her team because they are family and everyone has each other's back through thick and thin. 

 Even though her high school senior year of softball was cancelled she still has high hopes for her freshman year in college. I'm very proud of her for how far she has gotten in life.    
Someone I Live With
By Brayden Senecal

My mom’s interests are Elephants, reading, quilting, and spending time with family. My mom is really good at being a mom. My mom is struggling in COVID-19 Quarantine because of her recent travel to California and she is now overcoming it by working from home during the day and playing games and watching movies with the family at night. My favorite things about my mom is that her cooking is really good and she is super nice. My mom Loves her family and family because of all their support.
My brother Collin
By Aaron Winter 

I interviewed my second older brother, Collin.
Football, tennis, basketball, hanging out with friends.
He struggled getting his grades up, ao he made sure he did his homeworks first before anything.
We both like football, tennis, and basketball.His friend Simon, Tucker, and Thomas, because they all have the same interests.

My little sister Avery
By Paxton Ingels
Today I will be writing about my little sister named Avery Craig. Make sure you read carefully and answer the questions at the bottom of the article.

Her and I have a different last name because of our fathers. 

Avery loves to draw pictures of our family and our dog. She loves school but that sadly ended when the school year was cancelled. She has 3 favorite colors and they are pink, purple, and teal. Her favorite subject in school is the same as mine, math!

 Her favorite books are green eggs and ham and one fish 2 fish red fish blue fish. Her least favorite subject is P.E because it’s tiring because of them running laps. Avery loves to add in math because the number gets bigger. She doesn’t like to do stuff together because she has to wait. She loves music just as much as math but math is barely better. She likes music because they get to sing and play games with the songs.

The final part of this is the quiz.

Question 1. What is Avery's favorite subject?


Question 2. What’s her favorite color?

Or all of the above.

Question 3. What’s her least favorite subject?


My mom

By Mercedez Taylor
There are 7 people that live with me but the one I want to tell you about is my mom. In between 2016 and 2018 my mom worked a full time job and went to college full time. Also, my mom had 5 kids to take care of. It was hard for my mom to do it all at once. My mom struggled making time for everything and trying to make sure us kids got the attention we needed. My mom overcame it by time management and organization and she was determined to show us that anything is possible.

My mom's interests are doing crafts,building things, drawing and helping kids.

My favorite thing about my mom is that she is good at art. She is also smart and she helps me when I need help on something.

My mom has a lot of patience. It is crazy. She has 5 kids who are all different. She finds the time to relate to each of us, a couple of us have learning disabilities. She also works at Roosevelt as a para with other kids that have disabilities

The people my mom loves the most are us kids. Even though sometimes we don´t tell her, we keep our mom feeling like the best mom in the world.
“Someone You Live With”
By Tanner Blake
I interviewed my mom, Tiffany, because she’s very special to me and I love her so much. I have lived with her my whole life. That is almost 12 years! I am the first born, so I made her a mom. I also live with my dad and little brother and sister.

My mom has many interests, but some of her favorites are: soccer, running, outdoors activities that include 4-wheeling, fishing and hunting and spending time with her family. When we are all together, we like to go on family outings and travel places. Sometimes, my mom even takes me fishing without my brother and sister. I really enjoy the times I get to spend one-on-one with my mom. We share a lot of the same interests so we always have fun together.

Sports, sewing and just being a mom are some of her greatest abilities, but she has many more than just that. She’s a good monster cookie maker, birthday cake decorator and one of the best hug givers. My brother, sister and I keep her very busy. We all have different sports and interests that she keeps up with. She makes us all feel special and loved a lot.

When my mom was younger than me, her parents went through a divorce. This was very challenging for her and her brother. They had to live in two different houses without their parents together. I can’t imagine having to do that. Life got easier and better for her because her mom and dad got along very well and she knew she was loved regardless of the new living arrangements.

Even though I love almost everything about my mom, some of my favorite traits of hers are her loving personality, niceness and all the fun things she does with us. She comes up with creative ways for us to have a good time. When I have a bad day, my mom’s hugs help cheer me up. 

My mom loves my dad and her kids the most. She shows us this by loving us unconditionally. She would do anything for us at any time.

These are all the reasons why I love my mom and am thankful for living with her. If you met her, you would feel the same way. Basically, I have the best mom in the world. 
Interviewing my mom
By Karsen Burris
I am Interviewing my mom for the You can be a junior reporter website. I will be asking her what her interests are, What is she good at. Then I will ask her about one time she struggled with something and how she overcame it. Then I will say some things that I like about her. Finally, I will ask her who are the people she loves most and why. 

What are her interests?

Her interests are her kids’ activities, Photography, and health care. 

What is she good at?

She is good at nursing, baking, organization. 

What is one thing she struggled with?

One thing she struggled with is nursing school, and she overcame that because she prayed a lot, she pushed herself harder than she ever has before. 

What I like about her. 

I like that she is a hard worker, and she doesn’t give up no matter what’s happening. She always has a solution for problems, and she is an amazing mother. 

Who are the people she loves most and why?

She loves my brother and I. She said it’s then reason she is alive 

Her parents and sister because they have always been there for her. 
My Sister
By Jeremy Elbert
I have a sister. Her name is Riley, she is 16 years old and she is very nice, funny, optimistic and overall just an amazing human being, whom I love so much. She's very interested in wrestling, reading and watching Tik tok.She's a very unique person and is very good at wrestling and writing. She used to really struggle with self-confidence and finally she figured out how to overcome it when she realized her true worth. I love my sister more than I can put into words. My favorite thing about her is that she never gives up. After some of her wrestling tournaments we'll all be excited for her but she'll be a little down because she didn't get first and my mom and my big sister will have her back and encourage her to keep trying.

All the traits I previously stated can be seen when we were in a gym in a town I don't remember but we were there encouraging my Riley. I didn't really want to be there that day but at the end of the day the best part of it was seeing my sister place 3rd in her entire weight class. During the day while she was wrestling I can see the determination that she had because she wanted to place and was not going to give up. She had her mother encouraging her the entire way because our mom wanted her to place also. 

My sister is someone I really look up to. 
 Someone you live with
  By.Abigail Blount

Someone I live with that I truly love is my father. He means the world to me and I could not live without him. I thought if i'm interviewing someone it should be him. This will be a learning experience as I go through a few things and become a reporter!

What are your interests? Some of my dad's interests are the outdoors. My dad loves camping,going to lakes, and just exploring! My dads always wanted to live on a boat. Where he could see the water everyday and travel like he's always wanted. He loves to keep moving and to see the world through different angles.

What is something you're really good at?My dad is a great cook. His strong suit is barbequing. When he barbeques not only is it a fun ride but it tastes so good. His favorite thing to barbeque is ribs. It's my favorite thing for him to barbecue too. Barbequing came natural to my dad and making us happy seemed to also.

What is something you struggled with? And how did you overcome it? My dad struggled with being a single parent. “It was hard at first but I love my kids and all you can do is push on” My dad said. He told me he just got up and went to work and put his bad traits behind him. I'm glad he did or I wouldn't be here today. He is a great father and I couldn't ask for any more.

What are your favorite things about your dad? Some of my favorite things about my dad are how funny he is,how kind he is,And how he can brighten any day. When our dad puts his mind to something he will follow through. Every year on our birthdays our dad takes us out just him and the birthday person to go somewhere fun like exploration place or an arcade out  for dinner and to a movie of our choice. I love my dad I couldn't do anything without him.

Who are the people you love the most and why? My dad loves me, my brothers, and our dog the most and I love him the most. My dad said that once we were born his life changed forever. Nothing else mattered anymore. We saved his life and he saved ours.
My Mom 
By Kayden Friesen

The person that I interviewed is my mom, because I thought she would give me a better explanation than my brother.  

For the first question she said that her interests are reading books, making pottery and painting.  She also likes history and visiting history and art museums.

For the second question my mom said that she was really good at making pottery, cooking, baking, grammar and spelling.  I like to help my mom cook and bake. She helps me with my ELA homework.  

When I asked her about something she struggled with she said  that when she was in first or second grade she could not read well.  How she overcame it was by reading a lot and practicing with Hooked on Phonics.

She said that the people that she loves most are me, my brother and my dad because me and my brother are her children and we are kind.  She loves my dad because he is kind and caring and he has supported her in what she wants to do. My favorite things about my mom are that she makes really good desserts,  she is kind and if I need help she always helps me.

I am happy she gave a better explanation than my brother would have.  I am glad I interviewed her because I learned things I did not know about her.
My Dad
By Hannah Farley
“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family” -Anthony Brandt. This explains so much in my life. My family is always there. Each person plays a different role as we navigate this life, sometimes it’s not always easy but I always know I can turn to them for anything. 

My dad is the patriarch in this family and we each look to him from my mom to each of us children. He keeps us grounded, faithful and stable. “I love my immediate family which includes my wife and children, my mother and brothers. I think it’s natural to love the people closest to me.”

My dad, Tor, is always the one to be very disciplined. From what he eats, to exercise, his faith and his work ethic.  My dad is very interested in diet and exercise, and wants to be very healthy and wants that for his family as well. He encourages us to take care of our own bodies to the best of our abilities. My dad struggled with some health issues and has found some relief through testing different diets, currently the carnivore diet.

Overall he believes you need to take care of what God has given you. “I've struggled in letting go of anger and forgiving for things that have happened to me in the past. I think it was a process I went through to get over my feelings. I did different things in this process. I did some journaling. I confronted people I felt had wronged me. I also started running and I exercised. I prayed. Eventually I let it go.”
My Dad
By: Rebecca Lulloff
It was an early Sunday morning when I woke up to the smell of pancakes, sausage, and some singing. I go downstairs and see my dad, he had a towel over his shoulder and music playing.  I ask, what are you making?. He says I’m making breakfast then I nod and say okay so I go back upstairs. A few minutes later I hear my dad say breakfast is ready, I run downstairs and grab a plate.

  Now that you know a little bit about my dad I might as well tell you some more. My dad is one of those fun dads he can be understanding but at the same time, he can be fun and exciting. I want you to know a little more about my dad.  Some of his favorite things to do are watch our family’s favorite college team play sports, watch me and my sister play sports and succeed, and have family time. 

Some things he is really good at. To me, I think he is good at almost everything. He said that he wants to be good at everything he tries and he gets good by working hard. 

I am going to have him tell me about a time he has struggled with something and how he overcame it.  As with any struggle that my dad has faced he sees them all the same. When it’s over they will all eventually pass, for instance, when he was at basic training and he was both mentally and physically exhausted he told himself just keep going because it will be over soon.

What are some things I love about my dad?  Well, he is funny, understanding, goofy, and he likes to joke around.  I love that he will always be there for me when I need him. If it’s sports or just things at home he will always have my back.

Last but not least, some people he loves most and why.  He loves his family and he loves us because life is precious. God gave him my mom and together they made the Lulloff family; me, my sister, and my mom and dad.

Interviewing my mom
By Kendall Stout
First of all, I will start by introducing who I am interviewing, I´ll gladly introduce my mom, whose name is Elizabeth Stout. I chose her because there are a lot of things that I don´t know about, and I am really curious to find out what she has to say, so that I can find out the things that I don't know about her. Let's get started!

Some interests about her, you say? She is interested in books,and likes to read a variety of genres,including horror, mystery, etc. She loves music, and is always excited to find new songs and artists. Elizabeth has always loved writing,ever since she was in high school, but admits that she doesn´t write as much as she would like.

Elizabeth is good at many things. She's good at technology, because she is smart when it comes to computers, and electronics in general. She's wonderful at taking care of my sister and me. She lets us be who we are and not hurt us in any way. Once more, she's amazing at writing, and has good handwriting!

She struggled a bunch when her dad passed away and struggled with guilt along the way.She has struggled with being honest to herself, but yet she overcame it with therapy.

My favorite things about her, are that she always helps me when I struggle and get frustrated, she makes sure we can be our own person and that she takes care of us very well. She gives us a bunch of love and she supports us when we need it.

What she loves the most in her life, are my sister and me. She says that we are the best parts of her life, and we complete her. We always support each other if it´s needed.

After interviewing my mother, I learned a lot that I didn´t know about her, and understand more about her. I appreciate her opening up about her life.
Khloee Guinn  
By Kaylee Guinn
This is about a special nine-year-old individual, who I, the author, lives with. The relation between her and me is the older sister and middle sister. A series of questions will be explained/answered with all of her honesty. The series of questions will be personal information that may or may not surprise you, whether you know her or not.


(q:1) What are your interests?


(1) I gained quite beneficial information from this subject.

She said, and I quote, “Playing outside”. She included that she relished playing imaginative games, being a character(s) that entered her mind. From personage to appearances, she always has a person that comes to life. She loves to explore the outside world with our youngest sister, Stella. She also enjoys discovering animals, bugs, cats, etc.

(2) She often reads. She said it is a priority (for school) and a hobby she enjoys to cooperate in. Mostly, you will find her with a fantasy book. Not fairy tales, but with mystic beings and the things you would bever imagine if you don’t think laboriously. The second genre you will find her with is zoology. From start to finish she will read all about critters and creatures. Her most preferred animals are reptiles and felines.

(3) Lastly, she draws. Her artistic skills often bring empty paper characters she imagines or characters other people own/imagine. The third-grader finds felines easier to draw than most anything. The more she drew, the more she improved.  


(q:2) What things are you the best at?


(1) She is skillful in spelling.


(2) She excels in reading.


(3) She is a mathematician (strongly in addition)


(4) She has an imagination like no other.


Whats a time you struggled over a situation but overcame it? And how did you overcome it?


She doesn't struggle normally, but the situation she recalled was our youngest (7 years old) sister sharing a room with her. Stella has a room of her own, yet she doesn't use it for any purpose what so ever. Khloee, in the beginning, didn’t like the fact that Stella slept in the same bed as her. Khloee then remembered that the pair would always arrange this at our last residence. They had to share a room since there were only three rooms. Khloee realized that she has done this over and over again. Now, in the present, she doesn't complain that Stella still shares a bedroom with her.


(q:3) What are my favorite things about you?


(1) How she overcomes any challenge from a different perspective than her own.

As I said, she does not struggle with many things. But when she does, she reflects on how others may be influenced by her actions. She sees these things and tries to assist everyone that would benefit each other person.


(2) how she imagines things that no one else has. She has quite the brain. Her right and left are both strongly powered, but her right brain overtakes her mind at times with fascinating thoughts. Her thoughts are extremely exquisite and unique in all ways. 


(3) And how she manages her emotions. She may be a bit overbearing, but she knows when to stop. If she knows she is being rude, depressing, or anything negative, she will quit.


Who are the people you love the most and why?


(q:4) She loves her entire family, which includes:











Siblings (3 sisters, 2 brothers)




(4) Grandparents




Great grandparents




Uncle, Aunt








Jack (male feline)




Soli (male canine)



She loves all of her family because they love her. She is one of the most caring people you will ever meet, so of course, she will care for her family. She has good relationships with each member of our family, including the ones that live farther away.


She truly is a wonder. Over the years, she has been smarter and more well known. I have known her for all of her life since I was only three years old. Our bond has never been broken, through thick and thin, we will always be there for each other. I am proud to say she is my sister, and I always will be. Through thick and thin.
Someone you live with
By Jett Pyle

Today I interviewed my dad on a few things about him like his struggles and the things he loves most.

Some of my dad's interests are hanging with his family, working out, and watching sports with his family.

A few things my dad is good at are playing basketball and being the best father he could ever be.        

Something my dad struggled with and overcame was starting his business. It was a struggle to bring in clients. He overcame it by working harder than ever, working long hours ,and doing whatever it took to be  successful. 

My favorite thing about my dad is he will work on basketball with me to help me in the future. He can teach me new things that will help me in life and he will do anything to make me happy.

The people my dad loves the most are his wife Natasha Pyle and his three boys Jett, Eli and Owen Pyle. 

Those are a few things about my dad and I am looking forward to being like him and loving him.
Someone you live with 
By Erin Olson

I choose to interview my Dad for this project. Through this project, I enjoyed discussing with my dad about these questions and hearing his response. Knowing more about my Dad made me realize some things that I didn’t know before. 

The first question I asked was what his interests were. While my Dad was a kid he really enjoyed the outdoors and very much enjoyed fishing and hunting with his father. That was something that he paced down to me because we really enjoy going fishing and hunting together, and him teaching me things that his father taught him when he was a kid.

The next question was things that he is really good at. My Dad has been a soccer coach for over 25 years that taught at all different levels. Before he chose his career as a soccer coach when he played soccer in college and high school and he broke many scoring records. Something that few people know is that my Dad can be very entertaining and funny to his family but out in the community he can be a pretty serious person. Some things that our family think is really funny is his singing and dancing, and his made-up stories about him being in a rodeo, him going to the Grammys, and that he was an author, which we all know he has never done any of them, but he comes up with great stories with him involved.

The next question was something that he struggled with and how he overcame it. My Dad really struggled in school because he had a learning disability which made it hard to do some things. How my Dad overcame his learning disability was by having a good support group of teachers, friends, and family telling him not to give up and that he could do it.

The next question I have to answer is what are my favorite things about him. My favorite thing about my Dad is his funny personality, how he makes people laugh easily and makeup something funny without himself knowing it at first. Another thing I really like about my Dad is that whenever just he and I are going somewhere that I really don’t want to go, but he always makes the place fun even though I never wanted to go.

The last question is who they love the most and why. The people that my Dad loves the most are his family. He says that because he has a really fun time with them and really enjoys spending time with them. 
Interviewing my mom
By: Melissa Rodriguez

This interview is about my mom, Mary. I decided to interview her because even though I know her a lot I still would like to know some more things about her that she doesn’t mention. I know that she had to sacrifice a lot for us when she was younger, and was never really able to do what she wanted due to having to take care of us. So this is how my interview went with my mom.

The first question I had for my mom was, was it hard to raise a child at such a young age and how did you manage it? The response I got from her was, “Yes it was very difficult but when there are people around you who care a lot about you they’d be willing to do anything for you.” I then asked her, was it difficult having your mom run out on you at such a young age and leaving you with your grandma and sisters and why? She said,” No because I had my grandma and my family to help raise me and also because I had so much love from my family that it filled that void in my heart.”

  I asked my mom what her interests are now in the present. She told me, “My interest now is to see my youngest Melissa, graduate in the future”, she also said “To be able to provide for my family, see my grandson grow up, and to live life to its fullest of moments.”

Finally for the last questions I asked were ‘ What was something you struggled with in the past and how did you overcome it.’ Mary answered with,”I had struggled with grief from losing someone who was like my brother and just felt so depressed. I overcame it by learning to control the grief and how I feel by just reading the bible and being with family.” Some of my favortite things about her are, if she didn’t have any money or much things she would do as much as she could do to help someone who needed help the most, even if it means needing to sacrifice some things such as clothes if they needed it. I also like how she is just always there for her family no matter what and if she sees someone she loves in a tough state then she tries to help them the best she can even if they don’t want it.

I really enjoyed doing this because it was really fun and in my range of writing making it pretty cool to do. My interview I had with my mom put my view in a newer light a bit because I heard things about her that she never really mentioned due to it being hard or just because I was too little to understand fully. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
  Someone I live with
       By: Ava Koehn
 I interviewed someone I live with. I found out quite a few things about them and one thing I didn't know. I interviewed my mom. I picked her because she always makes me laugh.

My mom’s interests are baking, organizing, she always has a puzzle she is doing, and she likes to spend time with her family. My mom is really good at baking and she cooks for the church every wednesday night. Another thing she is good at is doing hair and dying it. She used to work at a salon but does it at home now.  My mom struggled with confidence when she was at a hair competition in front of 100 people. She overcame it by just knowing she could do it and having the courage to do her best. In the end she got 1st place. My mom loves her family and friends the most because she can trust them and laugh with them and they are always there for you. My favorite thing about my mom is she is always making me laugh and it is so much fun playing games and hanging out with her.

In the end I love my mom and she is amazing and fun. I learned some things I never would have thought about my mom. I had fun interviewing her.

My Mother
By Kynslie Minns

Christy Lynn Minns also known as my mother takes care of me everyday and cooks really good food.  She works at Shimmerz Tanning Salon at 306 South Main here in Mcpherson. I go and help out around there every weekday I am off from school.  She goes at 8 o’clock in the morning and gets off at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. My mom and I live in a home by ourselves just me and her. Me and her love to cook.  Usually my mom cooks a very nice dinner and I whip up a delicious dessert but sometimes it’s the other way around. She likes to grill anytime she gets because she is very good at it and the food is splendid.  Sometimes we cook and bake together but usually I do the baking. My moms favorite thing to grill is steak. I like to come up with new recipes for her to cook. I have come up with cream cheese stuffed mushrooms,bacon wrapped meatballs,bacon wrapped pineapple and so much more ( we love bacon)!  Me and her are not at all picky and we are always willing to try new food. My mom’s cooking is one of my favorite things about her and all she can really do now is try new recipes...