Waiting for baby: McPherson couple hopes to adopt


By Jessie Wagoner

Troy and Tina Hamilton of McPherson think each day about the possibility of growing their family. They are committed to never give up on their dream of bringing a child home.

The couple, who married in 2015, relocated to McPherson in November of 2019. Troy’s work as a chef brought them to McPherson, where he now works as the executive chef at The Cedars. The couple, having battled infertility for years, made the decision after moving to pursue adoption.

“We have thought about adoption a lot,” Tina Hamilton said. “We were talking about it when we lived in Kentucky, but the adoption laws there were different. Once we moved to Kansas, we decided to find an adoption attorney and get things started.”

The couple easily found an attorney specializing in adoption and were guided to a private social worker to complete the home study process. Piles of paperwork have been completed, and all the home study visits have been checked off the calendar. With an approved home study, the couple is now back to waiting.

To stay busy while waiting and to improve the likelihood of finding a match, the couple has started a Facebook page. The Baby Hamilton Adoption page is where Tina shares pictures of the couple, giving expectant mothers considering adoption a glimpse into their lives. The page also serves as a place their large extended family and friends can stay up to date on the adoption process. 

“I’ve connected with other adoptive couples who have used social media to help them connect with expectant parents,” Tina Hamilton said. “There was one mom who taught me about what hashtags to use and said I should post every day. She also recommended making the business cards we have.”

Adoption professionals encourage couples to use word of mouth and let people know they are wanting to adopt. Frequently, adoption matches are made through connections with neighbors or co-workers. In an effort to spread the word, the couple has business cards they leave in various locations and share with friends and family. The cards provide information about how to contact them and express their desire to adopt. 

As the couple waits for a call that they have been selected to parent a child, they can’t help but wonder what the future holds. 

“I’m 37 now; I’ve waited my whole life to be a mom,” Tina Hamilton said. “I can’t wait to bring a baby home. I can tell you, our child will never go a day without feeling loved.” 

To follow along with their adoption journey, visit Baby Hamilton Adoption on Facebook.