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Vote for Hollie Melroy

As McPherson County Chair for the Republican Party, I get a lot of feedback on our elected officials.  I want to pass on what I have heard and seen so you can hold your elected officials to the highest standards.  I have had numerous complaints concerning the McPherson County Clerk, Cathy Schmidt over the last 3-4 years.  After reviewing the complaints, most if not all, were valid.

A primary reoccurring problem is that our County Clerk, Cathy Schmidt does not work well with her own staff, other departments or other elected officials.   Many of the problems could have been averted if she had consulted with her staff or other departments.

Specific problems were:  1. Names have been left off ballots in past elections.   2.  Several school district’s (400, 418 and 419) Local Option Bond wording and percentages were printed incorrectly.  One has to be resent costing the tax payers extra money.   3. Several levies were miscalculated for multiple taxing districts.   This caused the County extra hours of work to fix the problem.   4.  The state valued utility assessment was left out of all the budget letters sent to the taxing entities, which resulted in all having to be redone and extra cost.

Finally, many Court house and office staff have mentioned that she is often not present at work and misses large parts of the workday which might be part of the problem.

McPherson County deserves better from our County Clerk.   There is a primary election August 2 and I encourage you to vote for Hollie Melroy for County Clerk.


Dave Bohnenblust

McPherson County Chair for the Republican Party

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