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The Jellybean Conspiracy Show comes back to McPherson High School Main Stage

McPherson High School presents The Jellybean Conspiracy Show, featuring an Act I variety show with song, dance and monologues and Act II Linda Daughtrey’s One Act play Dance With Me. Show times will be at 7:30 p.m. May 3 and 4 at McPherson Auditorium.

The show is produced in partnership with The Jellybean Conspiracy: Theater of Kindness, A not- for-profit agency that seeks to create theater-based communities of caring that recognizes the unique gifts of all young people, including those with developmental disabilities.

The First Act is a warm and affectionate anthology of music, song, dance, featuring readings by McPherson High Main Stage Theatre students, including magic by Jakub Brown and featuring several students including Isaac Molina, Mack Bruce, Olivia Inman.

The Second Act is a short play telling the story a young woman, Cricket, played by Macye Williams, and her conflicted relationship with her beloved sibling who has Down syndrome, played by McPherson High Student Ryan Ronsse. Despite troubles at home and at school, Cricket comes to realize her brother’s unique gifts and contributions to the world. The show has music, dance, and lively action and is suitable for the whole family.

The MHS Jellybean Company consists of: Macye Williams, Ryan Ronsse, Drake Langshaw, Rece Reiman, Jillian Bruner, Sara Aaqvist, Jillian Bruner, Issac Molina, Meghan Smith, Matt Eilts, Kade Goss, Daric Souder, Rachel Janzen, Molly Strickler, Clara Evans, Matie Anderson. Shelby Kagle, Mack Bruce, James Gunter, William Wheat, Mary Richards and Olivia Inman.

The Jellybean show is directed by Greg McGlynn, designed by Main Stage students, and choreographed by Rachel Janzen, Clara Evans and Mattie Anderson.

The production is a Cooperative effort by the theater and Special Education departments. Tickets are simply a free will donations at the door.

For additional information e-mail Mr. McGlynn at []

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