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The Addams Family to Haunt Opera House

By Kyle Banman, McPherson News

The McPherson Community Theatre’s annual summer musical is brining the classic family to life on the Opera House stage this June. 

Kevin Samuelson is once again in the director’s seat, his 4th with MCT.  Perhaps this show is a lesser known, if not unexpected choice for the summer musical, but Samuelson saw it as a great fit.

“Granted, there is something odd about the Addamses cavorting and bursting into song, but musical theatre is over-the-top, and what could be more over-the-top than a death-obsessed family singing and dancing their way around the stage.” 

Thematically, the show deals the very relatable and familiar family issue of young love.  Gomez and Morticia’s eldest child, Wednesday, has grown up and has fallen in love with a “normal” and respectable young man named Lucas, but their families have not yet met.  She tells Gomez, but does not want her mom to know.  The story plays out as Morticia discovers that she has been kept in the dark and Lucas’ parents arrive for the evening dinner.

“While each of the Addamses is on their own journey they discover that love will always triumph,” Samuelson said. “Love for family. Love for each other and love for the unknown [that’s] something we should all look towards as humans in a world of chaos; some semblance of peace in the darkness.”

The Addams Family premiers Friday evening at 7:00.  Additional performances: Saturday at 7:00, Sunday at 2:00, Friday June 22 at 7:00, Saturday June 23 at 7:00, and Sunday June 24 at 2:00.  Tickets available at the McPherson Opera House box office.

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