Staying busy while practicing social distancing

During this pandemic, we are endeavoring to take care of our community. If you have the means to back us through a subscription or a gift subscription for someone else, we appreciate your support.

By Jessie Wagoner

Visit the McPherson Public Library online

The McPherson Public Library website is full of resources to keep your mind active even if you are stuck inside. You can download digital eBooks and eAudiobooks and even access their new streaming video service. Via the library website, you can learn new languages using Mango Languages. Try your hand at learning Finnish or Pirate or one of the over 70 languages featured. Try out an online class or browse for your next read, the library website will keep you learning.

Volunteer to deliver meals to seniors

Many area seniors rely on lunches provided at the McPherson Senior Center. With those seniors now homebound the meals need to be delivered to them. The McPherson Senior Center is in need of volunteers to make meal deliveries.

“We are in desperate need of volunteers,” Director of McPherson Senior Center Sally Scott said.

Meals are delivered daily to seniors. If you are interested in delivering meals, even one day a week, contact Scott at 241-0160.

Take a walk at the park

McPherson has 14 parks with over 300 acres of land to explore. You can still practice social distancing and enjoy a little time outside. Lakeside Park and Wall Park both have wonderful walking paths around the water to enjoy. Grab a few discs and try out the disc golf course at Wall Park or make it a goal to visit all the parks in town over the next couple of weeks.

Time outside will provide you with some much needed vitamin D and help you get some exercise. Exercise can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

Share one of your skills or hobbies

We now have an entire community of children learning at home. This is a great opportunity to share a special skill or hobby with those children and help them learn something new. While social distancing prevents you from leading an in person class you can share via technology.

Many people are using Facebook video to create learning videos for children. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. Simply record yourself completing a task, reading a children’s book or sharing a song. Maybe you know how to crochet and could do a video to teach children how to a simple crochet stitch. Make a video showing how to make cupcakes, baking teaches math skills. Now is the time to pitch in and help educate the children in our community. We all have something we can share.

Send a card to someone shut in

Every nursing home in McPherson County is closed to outside visitors. That means there are an incredibly large number of seniors isolated with no outside contact. Take a few moments to write a message and send a card to someone shut in. If you know a particular senior that is great, but you can send cards to the nursing homes to be given to someone in need of a boost. Some of the nursing homes even have postcards that can be sent via their websites. Your message would mean a lot to someone stuck inside.

Clean out your closet

Now that you have some free time on your hands, clean out your closets and straighten up the garage. You are bound to have plenty of things st