Sheriff’s deputies face off with COVID-19

By Jessie Wagoner

The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office is able to continue working safely, thanks to the efforts of County Commissioner Tom Kueser and the State Bank of Canton. 

When Sheriff Jerry Montagne put out the word deputies were in desperate need of hand sanitizer, Kueser sprung into action. 

“We badly needed hand sanitizer,” Montagne said. “Commissioner Kueser secured a $100 donation from State Bank of Canton and then drove to Hutchinson to the brewery there to pick up the hand sanitizer and delivered it to us.” 

Montagne says his efforts will allow deputies to continue working safely throughout the county. The deputies remain on the street, answering calls, responding to accidents and serving as needed. Sanitizer wipes, masks and hand sanitizer help keep them safe and reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19. 

Other than the desperate need for hand sanitizer, Montagne says operations continue to move smoothly throughout the county. So far, the county has not seen an increase in crime, and Montagne expressed citizens were doing a good job abiding by the stay-at-home order.

The McPherson County Jail is operating as usual, though additional steps have been taken to ensure the facilities are properly sanitized to combat COVID-19. New air filters have been installed throughout the jail, an isolation area is available if needed, and all equipment is regularly disinfected.

“We have maintained no positive cases in the jail, which is great,” Montagne said. 

In the coming weeks, Montagne anticipates a need for more hand sanitizer and wipes. If community members have access to any sanitizing items they would like to donate, Montagne says the sheriff’s office would welcome the donations.