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School Pride – Melisa and Brook White bring color to Lincoln Elementary

By Adison Wash

McPherson News

While the kids are gone for school breaks and the halls are empty, Melisa White and her daughter, Brooke White, have been busy painting over the originally monochromatic beige walls of the Lincoln Elementary School with newer and brighter colors. The two painted a large, colorful lion [school mascot] mural in the new teacher workroom. They spent over twenty hours working on the mural so the teachers could have ‘something nice to look at’ in their new work space. But, the color doesn’t stop there. Starting Christmas break in 2016, Melisa and her co-worker, Tammie Benhan, have been painting away on all the hallways in the school. Volunteering their time to improve their school. Every time the halls were cleared of kids, they got to work. When asked why she started this project, White replied by saying that she believes that there is a sense of pride in your school when it looks nice.

“The kids have been loving it, they get so excited to see all the new things going on.”

Every hallway in the older part of the building has been painted a brighter, newer color that coordinates with the newer part of the building. Everything from the entire gymnasium, down to the trim has been updated by the two school secretaries and their kids.

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