School is officially out for summer


By Jessie Wagoner


Students throughout McPherson powered down their Chromebooks last week and bid farewell to school, virtual or otherwise, to begin their summer vacation.

Area schools hosted farewell parades, where teachers lined the streets around the schools and invited families to drive by to wave goodbye for summer break. It wasn’t the traditional last day of school, but for students, it was a fun way to kick off summer break.

“My son loved the parade,” Alicia Ambrose said. “He was happy to see his teachers and friendly faces. I’m glad they did something fun for the kids.”

Nancy Collins has no children or grandchildren currently attending school in McPherson, but she took a spin through the parade at Washington Elementary School for fun. The school, located just a few blocks from her home, means a lot to her and she wanted to show her appreciation to the staff.

“I’ve watched kids walk to and from school for years,” Collins said. “I’ve missed the noise of bustling children and seeing the activity at the school. When I heard about the parade, I knew I needed to go and wave to the teachers. They work hard all the time but especially right now. I know it must be hard for them, and I wanted to give them a honk and a wave.”

Though school is out for the summer, the district will continue to provide support to families.The free meal program will continue throughout the summer. The district is currently serving close to 2,000 meals a day to children aged one through 18 in McPherson. Meal service will continue as follows:

  • Breakfast and Lunch served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily at Lincoln and Roosevelt Elementary Schools and McPherson Middle School. 
  • Breakfast and Supper are served from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily at Washington Elementary School.