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Roger the Dodger

David Hobson


According to Bretibart News, (April 6, 2015 article) Roger Marshall, potential Tim Huelskamp challenger, refuses to say where he stands on whether he will support John Boehner as speaker of the House. This is indicative behavior of one who wants to be a slippery politician rather than a principled leader. It is no secret that Congressman Huelskamp has stood on principle and hasnot supported Boehner for leadership. In retaliation, the congressman has been punished with committee assignment removal and now, according to this news site:

“The super PAC aligned with Speaker Boehner—and staffed by his former chief of staff Barry Jackson—American Action Network had been running advertisements targeting, among others, Huelskamp for fighting to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty earlier this year.”

Could it be that this challenger will join the line up of aptly-named politicians such as “Tricky Dicky”? Are we faced with a challenger running who will give no clear answers and no transparency who dodges the questions because we will not like the answers? Do we now have “Roger the Dodger?”

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