Roberts family shares laughter, not germs

By Jessie Wagoner

It is a rare occurrence to spot a dinosaur at the corner of Hartup Street, but we are living in unprecedented times after all.

To beat the boredom and spread some laughter, the Roberts family – Jenny, Rocky, Ava, Julia and Tate – have decided to use their creativity. Most recently, members of the family put on dinosaur costumes and stood on the corner of their property to wave to vehicles passing by.

“I work at Lincoln Elementary School and I’m kind of known there for my costumes,” Jenny Roberts said. “When I come in wearing the dinosaur costume the kids go nuts. I had some people message me telling me I should put on a costume and go outside, so I thought we would do it.”

Roberts’ son, Tate, 8, joined her in costume, while her daughters took turns holding signs. One sign said, “Extinction sucks, stay at home,” while another read, “Wash your claws”. As cars passed by, drivers did a double take with many offering a honk of encouragement. Even as some cars circled the block to get a better look and snap a picture, there was no concern about breaking social distancing guidelines.

“Who wants to be within six feet of a Tyrannosaurus Rex,” Jenny Roberts said.

When the family isn’t dressing up in costumes, they are finding other creative ways to stay busy. Elaborate sidewalk chalking has become a favorite activity for the family. They have covered their own sidewalks in artwork, jokes and positive sayings. Now, neighbors are offering up their sidewalks and drives for the family to decorate.

Watching movies, trying new recipes, spring-cleaning and playing board games have also kept the family busy. They recommend Family Feud, Disney Edition to families looking for a new game to try. The older girls have tried their hand at writing a book of bedtime stories for their younger brother and rearranged their bedrooms.

“We have been enjoying our time together,” Jenny Roberts said. “Just staying positive and trying to have fun. This will all pass eventually.”

The family, who recently moved to McPherson from Oklahoma, has also used the time to explore nature around the area. They have hiked some local trails and enjoyed outdoor scavenger hunts.

The dinosaur costumes have been put away for the time being but Jenny Roberts says it may be a good idea to keep an eye on her street.

“I may have ordered a bunny costume,” Jenny Roberts said. “Get ready for Easter.”