Positive messages popping up around McPherson

By Jessie Wagoner

In spite of COVID-19, social distancing and quarantine, positivity is dominating in McPherson. People are finding unique ways to share messages of hope with others. From messages written on windows to driveways and sidewalks adorned with sidewalk chalk the message is clear, we are in this together.

We are going to make it through this as a community, a state, a country and we are going to come out stronger than ever before,” John Kellog said. “We are Americans; we thrive on the hard life, we have always persevered and always will.”

Sandy Knight says she has enjoyed going on walks and finding the messages. She is hopeful people will continue to stay positive.

It helps us all to see reminders that better days will come,” Knight said. “The children are inherently positive and it is inspiring. I see their art and messages and it makes me feel better. Every time I go walk, I hope I see a new picture or message.”