Petersons Passionate about Bowling, Reopening Starlite Lanes

By Anne Hassler Heidel

McPherson News

Beau and Kirsten Peterson have decided to take their passion for bowling and turn it into a full-time pursuit by purchasing the Starlite Lanes bowling alley and adjacent restaurant on west Kansas Ave.

“Bowling is a sport that anyone can have fun with, regardless of skill or athletic ability,” Beau said. “I grew up in this alley, and I want to see it be a place where others can enjoy the game, too. It’s a great social activity where you can get to know different people.”

Beau learned to bowl when he was three years old and grew up playing in youth leagues at Starlite Lanes. He hopes to start league play up again and to increase the number of bowlers from 200, where it dropped to last year, back to the 600 to 700 that the league enjoyed a few years ago.

The Petersons will rely on some familiar faces to help get the leagues going, again. Nettie Wann, who has worked with youth league bowlers for 45 years, will be back, as will her son Tom Wann, who will be the alley manager.

The Petersons plan to reopen the putt-putt golf course down the road and are currently looking for someone to lease the restaurant portion of the building.

The bowling lanes have been looked at by a professional, and Beau says they are good for now, but future improvements could come as they work on the building.

The Petersons are members of the Professional Bowling Association and travel around the country to compete in bowling tournaments. Beau hopes his connections with other bowlers across the country will help fill one-day sweeper tournaments down the road.

The bowling alley will reopen on Aug. 21.  If you are interested in league bowling, contact Startlite Lanes at (620) 480-2904 or follow their Facebook page for updates.

The Annual McPherson Bowling Association Meeting and BBQ is at 6 p.m., Monday, Aug. 20. Anyone interested in joining a bowling league this year is invited to attend. This is a great way to come out and meet some fellow bowlers and get signed up for a league.

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