People should always be our first priority

Each week as the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, we have watched the frustration level of our readers grow. Being at home, lack of social interaction and health and financial strain are taking a toll on everyone. 

We see the stress come out in a number of ways. This week, we have an article about an increase in domestic violence in our community. We are working on an article on the increase in alcohol use, as well. We also see it in the comments, which are left on our Facebook page. 

We understand the stress, trust us; as a small business we are feeling it; as parents with small children we are feeling it; as community members we are feeling it. Even though we feel it, we have a responsibility to ensure our Facebook page stays civil. We always encourage and value healthy debate, but we ask that comments remain civil and we will delete comments, which include curse words or personal attacks. 

We also ask everyone to keep in mind the impact our words have on others, especially our community members currently battling COVID-19 and those who have recently recovered. This illness is not their fault; they are not to blame for the stay at home order and they shouldn’t be the brunt of your anger. 

Each case, which is announced, isn’t just a number. It is a person, a member of our community. They matter; their health matters and we should all be supporting them and wishing them a full and speedy recovery. 

When this is all over, our community will have to rebuild. The only way to do that is together. People matter and we should always put them first. 


The McPherson News-Ledger Editorial Board