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MMS Scholar’s Bowl Team Takes First and Third

If you want to see the local kids be very competitive while also having fun and being educational then the Scholar’s Bowl team is the new Middle School team on the block to watch.

In its first year of competition the McPherson Middle School Scholar’s Bowl team held their first and only home competition of the one-month long season on Thursday against teams from Clearwater, Andover Central, Andover and Prairie Hills.

With scoring done on four rounds of ‘Jeopardy’ style competition the MMS 7th grade team won three of four rounds to place first overall while the 8th grade team went 2-2 to finish third overall.

For those not familiar with the Scholar’s Bowl program each team has five members and one alternate per round with each round consisting of 17 questions of which two each come from language arts, science, social studies, mathematics, fine arts, Kansas history and technology while the remaining three questions come from miscellaneous.

While this is the first year of competition for the McPherson Middle School team, Maria Loewen is the teams coach and has been impressed with the first year’s team.

“We were pleasantly surprised when we had over 60 kids show interest at our entrance meeting,” said Ms. Loewen.  “Of those kids we had 34 apply to be on the teams of which we took 18 to make up this years team.”

On Tuesday the group competed in a Scholar’s Bowl competition at El Dorado where both the 7th and 8th grade teams went 2-2 and finished in second place out of five teams.

Students on this year’s McPherson Middle School Scholar’s Bowl teams are eighth graders – Lily Parker, Jane Holmes, BJ Sharp, Spencer Whitfield and Mackenzee Klamczynski, while member of the seventh grade team are Rhys Vanderhoof, Alex Fagan, Matthew Powers, Elissa Nelson, Troy Pierce, EJ Hein, Tessa Boesker, Brycen Labertew, Aubree Martens, Landon Vogts, Brennan Gipson, Riley Higgins and Adriana Garcia.

Next up for the Scholar’s Bowl teams will be a trip next Thursday to Clearwater with competition starting at 3:30 p.m.

(Photo – McPherson Middle School Scholar’s Bowl team – taken by CrossDove Photography for the McPherson News)

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