McPherson Hospital still overwhelmed by patient surge

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In a recent communication from McPherson Center for Health, it was indicated that the hospital was dealing with a significant surge in patient activity. Because of this surge, hospital officials say resources continue to be utilized to their limits.

There are several issues that are creating significant challenges at McPherson Hospital and other hospitals in our region:

  • Emergency Departments continue to see a higher-than-usual volume of patients, specifically those testing positive for COVID-19.  
  • A large number of COVID-19 patients are being admitted to inpatient units which is stretching already scarce resources, especially staff and equipment.  
  • At times, the ER, ICU and inpatient units are short on staffing.  Other support departments of the hospital are also experiencing staffing shortages.
  • Larger medical facilities throughout Kansas are not readily accepting patient transfers. If a patient needs the care of a specialist, having to be transferred to a hospital out of state is a possibility.

It is unknown how long these immediate care issues will continue. There is some concern across the state that demands on the health system may not let up anytime soon.  In these next few weeks, there is worry that things could get even more serious before they get any better.

Hospital officials wish to stress that they are making every effort to align all available resources to safely care for the community throughout this difficult time.  They encourage the public to be aware of these challenges and help prevent further strain on health services, staff and facilities by adhering to the following: 

  • Go back to the basics of COVID-19 prevention and be diligent in preventing its spread by getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, practice social distancing and consider the risks of attending large gatherings.

Vaccinations are available locally through the health department and some area pharmacies.

  • Maintain good health practices and do what you can to avoid emergency and hospital-based care. As resources are stretched, the most critical patients will receive priority care and other cases that might otherwise receive quick attention may be delayed.