McPherson Fire Department impresses local family



News-Ledger Staff


When the McPherson Fire Department receives a call for help, they never know what they will find when they arrive at their destination. Friday night, they received a call from the Rierson home, where Cody, Abbey and their three children could smell burning plastic. 

Cody Rierson says he began smelling the burning plastic and started looking for the source. 

“Of course, I didn’t want to call anyone,” Cody Rierson said. “I wanted to figure it out myself.  After about 30-45 minutes, Abbey finally called the fire department. “They were to our house within minutes.” 

Once on scene, the firefighters located the hot spot in the Rierson home. The burning smell was coming from a faulty motor in the central air system. The issue was addressed and the Rierson family wasn’t injured and their home sustained no fire damage. Once the emergency had passed, the children asked the firefighters for their autographs, which they willingly provided. 

“They were kind, courteous and professional,” Cody Rierson said. “I was so happy to live in Mac after last night.”