McPherson County Health Department tagged with kindness


By Jessie Wagoner


When McPherson County Health Department employees arrived for work Monday morning, they were greeted with a surprise: kind chalk messages of encouragement were left on the sidewalks surrounding the building.

The health department, led by Director Shalei Shea, has been working nearly around the clock since the COVID-19 pandemic began. In addition to their regular responsibilities of vaccinations, family planning, WIC services and community health, they are responsible for tracking and tracking COVID-19 in the county. The workload is heavy and the hours are long.

A group, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to spread some kindness to the employees. They chalked positive messages on the sidewalks for the staff to remind them community members support and appreciate their efforts.

Staff was so touched by the gesture they posted images of the art on their Facebook page with a message of thanks.

“Thank you to the kind group that made our Monday just that much better,” staff said. “We appreciate you more than you know.”