Mayfete royalty announced



All Schools Day for 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19, but the All Schools Day Committee has announced the 2020 royalty. In spite of the cancelation, the young people representing their schools will still be recognized for their willingness to participate.

Royalty for McPherson includes King Cooper Courtney, Queen Kaytlynn Kuder, Princess Evie Bunk and Crown Bearer Steele Koehn. 

Moundridge royalty includes King Daniel Kaufman, Queen Zizi Sebrant, Princess Kennedy Krehbiel and Crown Bearer Cole Galle.

Inman royalty is represented by King Nicholas Martisko, Queen Rachel Harman, Princess Mackenzi Sherrer, Crown Bearer James Colle.

Smoky Valley royalty includes King Andrew Peters, Queen Taylor Barnes, Princess Lynnox Barnes and Crown Bearer Hunter Jones.

Elyria royalty includes King Cole Price, Queen Clarissa Adamyk, Princess Carmindy Stark and Crown Bearer Maddox Glendening.

Canton Galva royalty includes King Jay Nightingale, Queen Carissa Klatt, Princess Korbin Hogg and Crown Bearer Trevor Jones.