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Letters show support for Moundridge school bond issue

MHS student supports bond

To the Editor:

I am a senior at Moundridge High School. I have attended this district for all of my formative years and have enjoyed my teachers and school.

I am writing this letter from a student perspective. A few facts below …

  1. Our senior class will be leaving high school in a few months and what happens at the school will no longer be central to our lives after we are gone.
  2. Most of us have reached 18 years of age and accordingly have an obligation to be informed and cast a vote.
  3. Most of us are not homeowners and might not be affected by the increase in tax from the passing of this bond.
  4. We take pride in attending and graduating from Moundridge High School and are grateful for the administration, teachers and staff who have helped us.
  5. Because we are in the facilities every day, we see the long-overdue attention they need.

We have a good school in which people are the biggest asset! That said, good facilities lead to good learning environments, which leads to achievement.

Thank you, our supportive Moundridge community, for considering the passing of this bond.



Ellen Durst, Senior, Class of 2019

Vote yes on school bond

To the Editor:

I am fully supporting the school bond issue on February 26, 2019.

As a parent, we take our role as parents seriously.  For us, this is an opportunity to upgrade our schools and have better and safer facilities for our children.

As a responsible community member, I feel it is our responsibility to know about the issues so that we are informed voters. Therefore, I have read and researched the proposal to upgrade our schools. If you haven’t, please go online today, look at the current pictures and review the proposals. You will see that a lot of the money will go to repairing and replacing. Our schools need improvements made. We are wasting a lot of money every year with leaking windows and roof. Aside from the money, there are many issues that make our school dangerous for our kids.

Are there some items on this bond that you or I don’t agree with?  Maybe so.  Any of us might have put together a different list of items to include on the school bond.  But the board and committee members have made every effort to bring all points of views together, hosted several town hall meetings, tours of the schools and chances for all of us to get educated.  I trust the school board and administration that they have tried to take all the views and opinions of the community as a whole and pick the issues that they feel need to be done right now.

So, before you go vote on February 26th, please check out the website at www.usd423.org, put the value of your house, the courthouse value not the value that you would sell it tomorrow in, put your acreage in and see how much your property taxes will increase.  Make sure you think about how your property value will increase as well when we can bring more people to town, keep good teachers here, and increase the draw to people to come visit Moundridge.  Local business owners think about that as well, the better our school is the more events we can host which in turn brings visitors to town.  I know there are negatives to this bond as with anything, you can find the negative in almost any situation, but I tend to look at the positives first and then see if the negatives are worth worrying about at all.

Thank you for your time and I will be voting YES on the school bond on February 26.

Proud member of the Moundridge community!

Dylan & Courtney Warden


Facility upgrades would improve learning environment

As a student, I think the bond should pass because it would allow the staff and students to go to school in a safer environment that is much more conducive to a rich educational experience. As a student, it would be nice to have a steady temperature in all the classrooms in the school. Some days the choir room is freezing and then you go out into the hall and it’s so much waimer you almost start sweating. The bond passing would help keep a steady temperature in the school. Another part of the bond that would be great is the construction of a new gym. It would help spread out different classes that require a gym so that we don’t have to share the main floor. I’m currently in a class first hour that we have to share the gym with 4th graders during their P.E. class, which makes the teachers have to change the plans sometimes to cope with what the other class is doing. I think that the bond passing would help make our school days safer and more enjoyable. Even as students we can see how hard our facility staff works to maintain our aging school year after year, and it just gets harder and harder. Passing the bond would serve to increase our pride in being a part of Moundridge schools, and show that pride to all visitors that come in the front doors.

Colin Kohl


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