Kids at heart: Pine Village residents slide into fun


Bill Bush

News-Ledger Staff


MOUNDRIDGE—Residents of Pine Village got an opportunity last week that’s normally reserved for children: they rode down a slip and slide.

While residents sat on an inner tube, staff used connected belts to pull them down a line of blue tarps soaked with baby oil, dish soap, and water. 

And the residents loved it.

“We had several residents go a couple different times because they loved it so much,” said Ginger Seeber, activities director and chaplain of Pine Village. 

Seventeen fun-loving senior citizens took the ride down, with many going more than once, according to Seeber. The oldest to ride was 98 years old. She rode three times last year and twice this year.

“We actually asked them ahead of time if they wanted sprayed with a little bit of water as they’re going down or not,” Seeber said. 

Some chose to, some chose not to. 

The temperature was 94 degrees that day. Seeber said the staff took turns running down the hill.

The slip and slide isn’t the only cool treat that Pine Village has offered residents this summer. Recently, the nursing director and assistant director served ice cream treats from room to room in an ice cream truck pushed on a cart through the hallways.

“Once they started hearing that music, they just lit up in their rooms,” Seeber said. “We had various different kinds of ice cream bars and sandwiches and cones and stuff that we were handing out. We went to every resident’s room to give them ice cream that day.”

Seeber said the activities help to keep up morale. 

Pine Village staff is trying to do what they can to keep residents connected to those outside of the facility. They offer the opportunity to visit with family using electronic means like FaceTime and Zoom, but until recently, residents hadn’t had physical visits from family during the pandemic.

“At this time, with our precautions, we have had now two family visits, a couple of weeks apart,” Seeber said. “We’re slowly trying to introduce that, but we have to do it every couple weeks.”