Junior Reporters compare virtual school with traditional schoo

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Editor’s Note: Over the last eight weeks, students throughout McPherson County have participated in the Junior Reporter program. This is the final week of the program. This week, the students share the pros and cons of online and traditional school. We know this transition has been hard for them, but they have worked hard over the last eight weeks. We are very proud of their efforts. 

Below are the submissions of the week, which we have decided to let stand on their own with no editing. Thank you to each of you who have participated!



By: Hattie Burch

I very much do wish that we were at real school in class. I wish that because I do so much better at learning when a teacher is talking to me face to face. I think that homeschool is fun and all but I want to be in class. It gives me something to do. I don’t understand all of the work I do at home. So I struggle a lot.School really isn’t that bad when you realize you would rather be there then home. I miss my friends, My teachers, Just being there. I really don’t like being on my chromebook all day. So I opted out of summit and it’s like I got put back in. Even though our teachers help us by explaining it. It really doesn’t help that much. One of my teachers explains stuff but in like 10 different emails and it gets annoying and hard to keep track of what i’m supposed to do. That’s why I wish I was at school.


By Rebecca Lulloff

Have you ever just been going to school like usual, spring break comes around but little do we know it’s going to be our last day in that building for the rest of the year.  Well actually yes that has happened because it just did about 2 months ago because of a pandemic called the Coronavirus everyone’s worst nightmare. Haha, I’m just kidding, no I’m not. Anyway, I’m going to tell you my honest opinion about whether I like online school or regular school better. 

First online school, some of the things I like about online school is that my parents let me sleep in and I can just do school in my bed also I can have lunch anytime I want. There are some downsides to doing online school for instance not being able to see my friends because usually, I would see friends at school than hang out with them after school another, then we couldn’t do that anymore.

Second regular school, in my honest opinion I like regular school better because as I said before I get to see my friends and interact with people and have fun in some of my classes, also I get to see some of my favorite teachers. Some of the downsides of going to regular school I have to wake up early and I don’t get to sleep in. To me, I think that regular school is harder because the teachers can always find a way to make you add more or fix something.

There are some things that wish that online school had and the regular school didn’t but this is my opinion on whether I like online school or regular school better. I hope you have a great day stay inside and be safe.

Pros and cons of homeschool vs traditional school

                  By: Cole Holm

There are many pros and cons for both homeschool and traditional school. One pro of traditional school is that you get to see your friends, but with homeschool you can’t see your friends very often. One con about the traditional school that is also a pro about homeschool is you do not have to wake up earlier. You also do not have to get ready for school and then ride the bus for an hour. Another con for regular school is you have to walk up and down stairs and up and down the stairs all day. One pro for traditional school is that you actually get to see your teachers, and have them show you examples of things you do not understand. One con for homeschool is it’s more stressful, because you do not always know the little details. It is hard to decide which one I would want to do more of.


By Gabriele Rush

In real school I could ask the teacher in person, and learn more. But there was also the student part. They were always talking! Annoying me! Ruining class. 

   Some students would do this everyday. Mocking me, and taunting me. Ruining gym. Others only occasionally. I hated it!

  Online school I get things done faster. No one bothers me! But the teachers aren’t there. It takes so much time to figure out simple equations! And all because the teacher isn’t there!

  So neither classes are better. Pros and cons for each. It’s not easier on either hand. Some struggle in one while others thrive. And vise versa.

Online School or Traditional School

By: Melissa Rodriguez

To me I liked doing both because with online school I can all my class on my laptop and not even have to go from class to class. Then with traditional school I was able to have that face to face in person teaching but I now can just email them and still get answers to my questions. I honestly like online schooling because I can do all my school work on my laptop with flexible and appropriate time schedules that work for me. The pros of online schooling are, you are able to choose if you want to work ahead on your school or have a schedule on how much time you spend on this assignment or project because sometimes can have a due date or just be at the end of the week. Some of the cons of online schooling are, at times you may not have the supplies or resources needed for a specific assignment or project and if you aren’t able to get the supplies you may not get it done.

As for traditional school the pros were being able to see my friends and spend time with them. Another pro was being able to have that teaching from teachers in person to better understand the concept. The Cons were having to go to classes and have multiple assignments that are due within almost the same date given to you where as with online you have your school work due at the end of the week or later on. One last con is your grade went down if you didn’t turn in your assignments where as online your grades can’t go down if you don’t turn in your assignments which is somewhat good and not good because your grade can only go up but it’s bad because it may make kids slack in school work with them knowing their grade can’t go down for it.

Junior Reporter Topic for the final week

By Keaton Crane

I prefer traditional school because virtual school feels like your work is piling up. The reason it feels like all the work piles up is because you get all your work for your classes on about the same day. With about 2 things a day and 7 classes it feels like we are doing so much more. I think that we have way too much work for not having a specific time to do it. If we have a question we can’t get back to work in 20 seconds because we have to email the teacher then wait for them to respond.

There are many upsides to virtual school. We can work on whatever we want. We also can take our time on the assignment that we are working on so we don’t have to do everything in 45 min. We don’t need to walk all around the school. We can be comfortable while working at home. We can also go to the bathroom whenever we want.

The Pros and Cons of Online School

By: Kynslie Minns

In these hard times we have to look for fun things to do while staying at home.  Well I know something just for you!  Online school!!!!  Well it might not be the funnest thing to do on earth but at least it will keep you occupied but while I was doing my work I got the question on what are the pros and cons of online school here are my thoughts.


I really like how our grades are frozen so that anyone who is having trouble with understanding won’t have to worry with their grade going down.  I appreciate the teachers being nice and helping out.  I like that online school introduces websites that I have never used before like zoom.  I use zoom to keep in contact with my grandparents and friends.  


Now here is where it gets juicy!  Something that I dislike about online school is that it is online.  I am definitely not a computer person so if I have technical difficulties I am not sure what to do because one time before online school my computer was doing really weird things and I had to go to the library to get it fixed and if that happens again I can’t contact my teachers because the screen was completely frozen.   Every day I am drowning in emails some of them are just random and aren’t even from my teachers.  I know some people like to take the easy way around things so they google answers which isn’t really fair so I put it in the cons section of this report.  I keep getting comments from adults saying it’s like an early summer not necessarily and it’s just kind of annoying to me when people tell me that because it is not an early summer because we have to still do school.  I think it might be a bit harder for the teachers to explain things and the students get confused.

In conclusion I do not like online school. I mean there are some pros but compared to cons it is clear to me that I don’t like online school.  I hope you enjoyed this report about the pros and cons of online school.