Junior Reporter Week Three Submissions

We have wrapped up week three of the Junior Reporter program with the topic, “A time I was brave.” The students did a wonderful job again this week. We have a lot of brave young people in McPherson County. We are letting their submissions stand on their own with no editing. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do!

A Time I Was Brave

By Olivia Wince



Last year for my birthday my mom and I went to Kansas City, We went there ate my favorite foods, went ice skating (that was my first time and it was really fun), and we also went to IFly, and that’s going to be the topic of this paper.


IFly is a place where you do indoor skydiving, you know, that giant fan that people kind of fly in? That’s what you do in there. I thought it would be fun, but it was actually terrifying! I would never do it again. It’s one of those things that sounds fun but is actually extremely scary. You go into a room where they teach you hand signals that the person that’s helping you would show you, one meant relax, another spread your lefts, one close your legs, another chin up, and another one meant breathe. I still remember all the hand signals. When you actually get to the room you have to wear a baggy suit (it’s meant to be that way), a helmet, tight goggles, you have to wear close toed shoes and they have to be tight, and you have to take off all jewelry, bracelets, earings, rings, etc. There is a place outside of the tube that is also closed off and covered in glass where people who are going to fly sit and wait for their turn. When it was my turn I went inside, and you have to belly flop to get in, it was weird but I went along with it. I got in and the wind felt weird on my face. It was like having your face right against a fan on its highest level. I wanted to scream. I hated it with a passion, I couldn’t talk or anything. Most of the time I had my eyes closed tight and tried to think of anything else besides what I was doing. It was not fun at all. When I got out I almost fell and everyone gave me a highfive. It was nice, but I was scared for my second time in because that was the time we were going to do the high fly. The highfly was when your instructor would also fly and have you go high up in the fan, I did not want to go again. Actually most of the time I didn’t even realise it was happening since I had my eyes shut, but then I opened them and almost threw up.


In conclusion, I will NEVER do it again unless I am forced to or I am a adult making dumb decisions. It probably would be enjoyable for some people I saw people enjoying it but when you have anxiety as high as mine it is one of the worst experiences of your life.


A time I was brave

By Xander Whitteker

When I was five I broke my arm. I was trapped inside my house because of the rain. I was sitting on the couch watching tv when the rain stopped. I was happy I could go climb the tree outside. I was not thinking when I put on my sandals and not my shoes. I ran out the door and started  to climb the tree. Half way up I wanted to hang on a branch. I did but a few seconds later I started to slip.


  I fell face first toward the ground, but I had enough space and time to move my left arm in front of me to stop my face from hitting the tree root I was about to fall on. I heard a snap. When I got up my whole body was sore and everything was spinning. I heard my brother run inside and yelled for help. I slowly went back inside. I heard my grandpa come out of his room. He picked me up and put me in the car and drove me to the hospital. I remember being in the hospital overnight. I had to get pins in my arm while I was sleeping. Then I got a cast to straighten my arm.


 A lot of weeks passed and my arm was almost healed so we went back to the hospital and got to take off my cast. After that we went to a room to take out the pins in my arm. When the doctor took the pins out he said that I was the first person not to cry from the pain. My mom came into the room and that is when I started to tear up. 


I feel like I was very brave about the whole thing and that’s the story about how I broke my arm.


Being Brave With Cookie Dough

By: Mia Bower

A time I was brave was when I led my bucket calf Cookie Dough in the show ring at the 4-H fair. The day before the fair, I had a practice round around the ring and when I was done with that, I washed Cookie Dough to get ready for the big day. 


The next morning I went to the fairgrounds to get ready to show Cookie Dough in the ring.When I was in the line to show my bucket calf, I got really nervous and thought that I was going to get a red ribbon because Cookie Dough was a rambunctious calf. But when we got in the show ring, everything turned out OK! Then out of the blue, Cookie Dough started jumping. I probably would have gotten a purple if he wouldn’t have jumped. At least I got a blue. That’s still pretty good.


The Time I Was Brave 

By Charlie Barrow


When my family and I were in Disney world, we went to Universal Studios. We rode some rides and decided to go on the Hulk Rollercoaster. It made me feel a little sick because it went upside down a lot.


 I didn’t really want to go on it but my mom said I would like it. So I decided to go. We headed to the fastpass line. As we were about to get on, I told my mom I didn’t  think I wanted to ride the roller coaster.


 But it was our turn, so I got on. It was actually really fun. Then we went on the ride four more times and then the park was about to close. Had we known the park was going to close so soon we would have gone on the ride earlier.


 What I learned was to try new things and you never know what it is going to be like. It might be scary but you might have a lot of fun. I am really glad I went on the Hulk


A Time I Was Brave

By Julianna Johnson


It was a sunny day in 2011, the younger three-year-old version of me was going to the beach for the second time in her life. She had gone once before, but that was when she was an infant, this time however, she would remember. 

Once at First Beach in Newport, RI, it was a wondrous sight.

People from all over the country laying on colourful beach towels, chatting or sunbathing. A Del’s Lemonade stand serving it’s thirst quenching lemon ice. And, surrounding it all, a massive pool of salty water.

My family all sat down on the warm sand and set up our umbrella, which was a kaleidoscope of colours, and our towels, each different from the next. Not wanting to relax after the long drive from North Attleboro, I quickly dung through our beach bag and pulled out a shovel and sand bucket, then got straight to work. 

Once the structure was almost complete, it was time to find ‘finishing touches’ if you will, for the establishment. That meant a little bit of exploring. 

In no time we found seashells, but, that was not enough, I wanted seaweed as well. Cautiously, I approached the seashore, eyeing the plant, I reached down to grab it, just before a large wave crashed against my legs. Alarmed, I waddled away, this time, satisfied with the seashells we had collected. 

We finished off the sandcastle, building a moat, which would not fill up with water, thank you very much. Then, it was time to relax. 

A few minutes after finishing our creation, my brother, who was seven, had the bright idea to go out for a swim, my mother took him up on the idea and asked if I wanted to join, and not wanting to miss out on the fun, decided to say yes.

A few moments later, and I was standing right next to my sworn enemy for that day, the ocean. Large waves hurdled through the saline water, diminishing just before then touched my toes. I was timid, but with the help of my mother’s hand, carefully stepped into the shallow seawater. It tickled my feet as it swam over them, I was delighted!

We all happily jumped around in the water until the sun set into the horizon, making the sky fade from purple to pink to orange. 

After collecting a few seashells to take home with us, our beach adventure was complete. 


A time I was brave 

By Karsen Burris


One time that I was brave was when I started middle school. I was really nervous and scared of being late to a class, or not remembering my locker combination. After the first 3 days of school, I wasn’t nervous anymore because I knew I could remember. 


When I was diagnosed

By:Jensyn Alexander 


We all have those scary times in our lives and this is my story about when I was diagnosed with diabetes.It all happened when I was seven. The year that I loved sugar. This year I didn’t know what was gonna happen. One day I started getting thirsty and I had to go to the bathroom a lot I mean a lot. Also, I was tired and really skinny. My parents and I just thought that I was having a growth spurt. Then my parents thought I had the flu because these symptoms come with the flu. Then we started getting worried and it got worse. My mom’s friend Amy posted a story about a little girl named Kayci. Kayci is my guardian angel because she saved my life. She was  diagnosed with type one but too late and sadly she died. The story that my mom’s friend posted saved my life. I had to be brave and courageous in this because I was in the hospital for four days, had to have four to six shots a day, check my blood sugar up to ten times a day. We also had to learn about carbohydrates and I had to change my way of eating. This meant I could not do things I wanted to do until I became comfortable doing it by myself. Some people are afraid of diabetes because they don’t understand it, but it gets easier over time. This is the time I had to be courageous and brave.


     A Time I was Brave

By: Kynslie Minns


A normal day at my mother’s work. I was just a seven year old when I experienced the biggest storm of my life. Us Kansas people probably know that we are known for being tornado alley but I have never experienced a storm that big even if there wasn’t a tornado.  


I have gone to my moms Tanning Salon since I was a baby.  She loves to work there. I helped out a lot there but I started learning the ropes when I was around eight years old.  When I was seven I just played with toys in the lobby minding my own business. It was a super nice day outside so I played outside for a while too.  


It was an hour till me and my mom got off work.  Me and my mom realized something though. All of a sudden it got misty,humid and sticky outside.  The sky changed to a dusty orangish color. The wind was stronger than a bear. There was trash and leaves blowing everywhere.  Inside the Tanning Salon the power started to go out it wasn’t completely out yet but the lights were flickering. My seven year old self had so many questions: Was there going to be a tornado?  Should we go home? Is it even safe to go outside? I was scared to death.


It was time to leave my grandma arrived for her shift and when she got there there was a big roar from the clouds and a huge strike of lightning leading towards a big tree in the back alley and it came tumbling down as my heart pounded like a rock.  We rushed out of there and my grandma was closing down the shop before there was no power at all. When we got to our house I could not believe my eyes. A huge tree fell down and neighbors were surrounded by it. It was very VERY close from going on top of our house and if that wasn’t bad enough my mom’s garage door opener would not work and that was the only way we could get in the house!  Then mom said something that I was very unsure about. She literally asked me if I could crawl through the window. My seven year old self was confused. Was my mom joking? I got more scared but it was the only way to get in the house. Hail started pounding on the ground. Tornado warnings were everywhere. Mom got the window to come down and I crawled in the house with a bit of struggle. We were safe and the tree got taken care of.  I had a hard time sleeping that night.  


The next morning It all replayed in my head.  I wondered if this was all a nightmare but it for sure wasn’t.       


A Time I Was Brave

By Adyson wiens


You want me to do what?  Zip down a 1,400 foot long and 40 feet high zip line, no way! It was September 2, 2018 when my family went ziplining for the first time. My mom likes to not tell us where we’re going so it’s a surprise. So when I woke up my sister and I started to look for clues and ask clue-like questions to our mom. Once we were in the car we drove to Manhattan, KS. When we got in the zip lining area I felt the crisp, cool morning air and I was super excited, but also scared. Then we met up with our friends and got our helmets and other safety items for zip lining. 


When I saw the first zip line, it was short and not high off the ground. That was the easy one. Then I saw the fourth and very last zip line. It was 1,400 feet long and 40 feet down. The youngest one of our group was too scared to go on it. He had been zip lining before and was still nervous. That just made me even more drenched with nervousness. Finally it was my turn to zip line. They hooked me up to the zip line and told me I could go whenever I wanted to. So I went. I could feel the cool air blowing against me like it was running away from something. It felt like I was in a jungle with all the trees and branches. After we had all gone down the 1,400 foot long zip line it started to rain. Good thing we were done!


After we had turned in our gear it was lunchtime. We ate at a restaurant called Coco Bolos, and it was the best breakfast-lunch (brunch) meal you could ever eat. So from now whenever we go to Manhattan, KS we always eat at Coco Bolos. Once we were done eating we walked around town and shopped.


I was scared at first, but I am really glad that I went down the 1,400 foot long zip line. I hope to go zip lining again.


A Time I Was Brave 

By Brayden Senecal


When I was in 5th grade there were a bunch of kids making fun of this kid because he hurt. The people making fun of him were my friends so it was hard to stand up for him because they were my friends but I thought “what would I want someone to do if I were in this position.” Unfortunately I didn’t do it in time and they hurt him more but I stopped them from hurting him anymore and I didn’t get in trouble. 


A Time I was Brave

By, Kaizer Kanitz


I will be telling you about one time I was brave and faced my fears when I didn’t want to do it but I did.   It was very scary for me until my dad did it. Then I wanted to do it because he said it was fun. Facing your fears is hard to do but once you do it you could do it a million times again.


When I was brave was when I was at table rock lake in Branson and we were in a boat and we went passed this part where people were jumping off a cliff.  So my family and I decided to go try jumping off a cliff into the water. We jumped off into the water from the boat. We swam up to the cliff and climbed up to the biggest one with my dad and I did not want to jump off but I did with my dad because he taught me how to land in the water.  So I jumped off the cliff with my dad and myself and after I did it I wanted to do a lot more because it was so fun. I was scared the first time than every other time I was excited to jump off the cliff.


So I told you about my brave moment and I did not want to do it but I faced my fears and jumped off that cliff into the water.  Just like I said when I did it once I wanted to do it a lot more. It was so fun when I faced my fears It was hard but It feels so fun.  It is hard to face your fears but once you do it you won’t regret it.   

 A Time I Was Brave 

   By- Addysen Patrick


Have you ever been in a situation where you had to be brave?  I personally have been in many situations where I had to be brave, but there is one time I specifically had to be extra brave because somebody had been injured. It was the morning of my favorite summer holiday, 4th of July, and like on any other holiday my family. Fourth of July until 2013 was pretty normal for my family, my parents made fun summer food and snacks for everyone. After supper the adults would light fireworks and talk while the kids lit smoke bombs and sparklers. 


Fourth of July 2013, I was age 4, my sister age 3, my brother age 2 and our baby brother who was 4 months old. The morning of July fourth 2013 we had a relaxing morning but it was sweltering hot outside. My sister and I had wanted to go outside all morning but my parents took forever too say it was okay. Mid morning my sister and I put on our cute little red, white and blue striped shirts and went outside with my dad to mess around. 


When me and my sister were younger we were pretty mischievous. When we went outside mid morning we rode our mini jeep cars, and probably thought we were pretty cool riding up and down the street. We also did some chalk on the driveway and tried to get my dad to play hide and seek with us. After spending some time outside my mom called us in for lunch and we had corndogs and fruit. Then it was naptime, which we hated. 


My mom sent me and my sister down to our room, but after about 30 minutes she could still hear us playing downstairs, so she made us come take a nap in her room instead. We messed around and watched tv in her room too. After a while she shut the tv off so we had to lay down but we kept whispering and giggling. When my mom left the room for a few minutes we started jumping on the bed, but when she came back into the room she told us to settle down. Which we refused to do. As we kept jumping on the bed we fell off a few times, which we just laughed about. That’s when my sister Ashtyn fell off the bed and cracked her head open. 


I ran and grabbed towels, and while my mom helped my sister I ran outside to find my dad who was working on the shed. I ran as fast as I could and yelled dad, Ashtyn cracked her head open!!!! He ran inside and they decided within a few seconds to call my grandma and grandpa over to be with the rest of the kids while they went to the ER. That was the first time I was going to stay home by myself with my brothers, only for a few minutes but my 4 year old self was going to have to be brave. 


At that point my brother was upstairs and so confused as to what was happening but as my parents left I explained to them what had happened. We  sat on the couch in shock until my grandparents got there and told us everything was going to be okay. I cried for almost an hour thinking it was my fault that my sister cracked her head open while my grandma reassured me what had happened was an accident. Everybody was in such shock so my grandpa went and got us all popsicles so we could calm down, and so my sister could have some when she came home. 


When my sister came home my parents told us she was going to be alright, but they also said we have to be very gentle and kind to her the next few days. When I got a chance to talk to my sister I was very happy because she didn’t think what happened was my fault. That evening our close family came over and we had a fun night, and I got to calm down over my sister’s situation. That night her head hurt from the staples but I told her everything would be back to normal soon. 


Do you remember any times that you were brave? Well I definitely do, and I learned many things from that time I had to be brave. The moral of my story is that if your parents tell you to do something such as settling down, listen to them. The other things that I learned from my situation is 

Just because you don’t want to do something such as taking a nap, do it anyways, because it may help you out in the long run. 


A time I was brave

By Jeremy Elbert


One day I went to a gas station with my mom. I got a Jone soda. My mom told me I needed to hurry up so I started hurrying and I dropped the glass bottle and cut my finger open. We were both terrified and we drove to the emergency room. The people at the emergency room  soaked my hand in iodine. Then they started to stitch my finger up and my mom couldn’t watch so she turned her head. I sat there and watched them Stitch my gash on my finger together. After that I couldn’t use my right hand for the next two weeks so I had to use my left hand. \


A Time I was Brave

By Blake Paramore


A time I was brave is when I was 5 years old and I got bit by a dog (The dog was a Great Dane) and He bit me on my ankle. I was only 5 years old so you could probably imagine how I reacted. I bursted out in tears but I wasn’t bleeding. I thought I was but I wasn’t. This is the whole story. That was just a quick version, this is everything that happened.

 It was a dark halloween night and my dad took me and my big sister emma out trick-or-treating when I noticed a Great Dane sitting at the glass door, I rung the doorbell and the dog just jumped for me and he got out then he ran for me and bit my ankle and the house owners had to come and drag him back in the house.

 My sister Emma ran back to the car to get my dad, my dad came running to get me, he checked my ankle. The dog had not broken the skin. We went on our way to the next house.      (I DIDN’T GET MY CANDY!!!). From that halloween on I dont go to houses with big dogs in big glass doors.


A time I was brave 

By Aaron winter


A time I was brave was when I played my first year of football. I was the starting running back and the team mostly gave the ball to me so I would be tackled a lot. It really hurt and I almost broke my ankle in the first game. Then the next three years I came back less afraid of being tackled and my team and I won our last 3football championships. This was a time I was brave.


A time I was brave

By Erin Olson


The time that I was brave was when I was on vacation. I was being brave by trying something very new that I was scared of doing for a long time. The thing that I was being brave and doing was going on my first roller coaster.


The time I was brave was when my family went to Disney Land. When we walked up to the place my Mom pointed out this really big roller coaster and my brother and I both said that we would never do that, but who would’ve known that I would actually do it. Even knowing how big it was.


We were finishing off our third ride and my Mom told me that if I liked that so much I would like roller coasters. While we were walking around thinking of what we were going to go on next I told my Mom about the plane and told her that my favorite part was when we were taking off and the feeling of leaving the ground. After she heard that she told me then that I would really like a roller coaster, so I said that I wanted to try out that really big roller coaster. 


While we were in line for the roller coaster my mom kept asking me if I really wanted to do it because it was so big, but I kept responding to her by saying that I was sure and if I wouldn’t be sure I wouldn’t have agreed to do this. By the time we were around the front of the line I got a little nervous because I got to see up close how fast it went. 


While we were on the roller coaster I was having a lot of fun and at one point I looked down but then I couldn’t pick my head back up because it was going to fast. At that point, my mom looked over at me and she thought that I was throwing up but I couldn’t hear her saying my name and she couldn’t tap me on the shoulder to see if I was okay. After the ride, she looked at me and was relieved to see that I had fun and didn’t throw up.


Being brave and doing something that I wasn’t comfortable with at first made me learn how much I really like doing something. By going on that roller coaster it made me feel like I could do any roller coaster, and made that vacation overall more fun.


A Time I Was Brave

By Abilene Frye


I thought about this question for a while and I finally came up with this: My mom is a pastor and when I was in first grade she was preaching at a camp. One day after dinner I requested to go outside she said yes even though it was drizzling outside, I ran around for a minute in eyesight of her and a counselor. The counselor thought I was a camper and came out to scold me for being out there then he realized I was the pastor kid and let me be, but I was scared and decided not to go to camp EVER. Until the spring of the second grade my parents were trying to get me to go to camp finally they read that we would have s’ mores I was hooked. That year I went to camp all by myself for the first time.  Guess what I did not get yelled at by a counselor! Even now it scares me to go to camp by myself so I often invite a friend, but every year I am glad I decided to go to camp.

A time I was brave 

By Tyler Green


When I was around 8 or 9 years old I had to go to get my tonsils removed,I had really bad allergies and my tonsils were two times the size they were supposed to be.After the surgery my mouth was really sore and it hurt really bad  I was brave because I had no one else in the room with me witch was really brave for someone that’s 8 – 9 years old and it took at least 2 weeks for me to recover I couldn’t have any solid foods and what I mainly got was jello I don’t like jello but I had to eat it but I also got a lot of ice cream and that was the best part.   

A Time I Was Brave

By Hendrix Nelson


I looked down the 30 foot cliff into the dark water. It didn’t seem so high from the bottom, when I was swimming with my cousins just minutes before. We had been splashing in the warm water watching college age students climbing the cliff and jumping off. I wanted to join the excitement of cliff diving. 

After asking my parents if I could jump, my dad said he would have to do it first. So my dad began to climb the safest path to the top. Then he jumped, Splash, into the water! He determined it was safe after jumping and said I could try.

I began the journey to the top. Each step I got more and more worried, filling my stomach with dread, questioning my decision. I finally reached the top and as I looked down, I got scared. However, I was still filled with determination. I wouldn’t let my anxiety get the best of me.

I jumped feet first into the water and plunged into the depths. Once I reached the surface I exclaimed “that was awesome!” I’m so glad I faced my fears. It was such a cool experience. I encourage all of you to face your fears, because you might have an amazing experience too.


A time I was brave

 By Layla Rank


A time I was brave was when I auditioned for a musical I was in. The musical was called Willy Wonka JR.When I auditioned I had to sing in front of a lot of people. I was so nervous my stomach was buzzing with nervousness but I got it done. Then the rest of the cast and I went to a separate room for a break and call backs. A call back is when you audition for something and the judges think you were really good so they call you back for another turn, Anyway I got called back twice the first time for the character I really wanted Veruca Salt. The second time was for Violet Beauregarde. I had to sing a part of her song in a country accent for that and they said I did really good. Fast forward about an hour or so they came in and started naming off people and their role they got. I was waiting for what felt like forever (it was like 5 minutes) when they called my name and my role I was shocked I got violet it was a total shock. Then we worked on the musical for 2 weeks then performed and that was it. The end    


 The time I was brave

By:zachariah heim


A time that I was brave was at my grandpa’s funeral. I knew that grandpa was no longer in pain. Grandpa was laying there looking like he was sleeping. At grandpa’s viewing I put my cross necklace in his hand so a part of me would always be with him. I was able to tell my grandpa goodbye and I loved him.

Even though I felt heart-boken, I helped my mom by having a shoulder that she could cry on. I helped my mom get through this tough time by acting brave and helping her get through the day.


A time I was brave

Mercedez Taylor


A time I was brave was when I had to get stitches in my left knee. I cried because it hurt a lot. Also because this was my first pair of stitches and I was scared. I was bleeding a lot.


How it happened I was at my dad’s house. Me and my sister shared a room. Our room had a closet and the doors were glass. My sister throw nailpolish at me. 


And I moved because it would have hit me in the face. Instead of hitting me in the face, break our closet door.


So I picked up the glass and a piece was sticking up and I did not see it. I knelt down and the glass went into my left knee.


So at the end I had to go up the stairs differently. 

 The End


When I chipped my tooth 

Gabriele Rush


When I was in 3rd grade, I was outside playing octopus tag on the turf. I ran and ran and ran. In fact, I ran SO fast everything became a blur. People became flashes! And then I saw a small flash. Right in front of me.

   BOOM! I crashed into the poor kid. I chipped an ADULT tooth. And the poor kid’s FOREHEAD! He started CRYING! I felt SO bad about his forehead!

   We sat in a pool of blood. Eventually we made it to the nurse’s office. The nurse told the kid (his name is Carter) that he wouldn’t get ANY stitches. He got 5! Finally my mom picked me up.

  I had spent 2 HOURS waiting for her! She hurried to the dentists. They spent 2 weeks fixing my tooth. THEN I went to an orthodontist. He said my OTHER front tooth was stuck up my GUMS! 

  After THAT appointment my mom took me to the HOSPITAL to see if I had a CONCUSSION. I didn’t. We went home. My mom said I couldn’t go to school until MONDAY! All through the appointments, chipping my tooth, visiting the HOSPITAL, I had BARELY cried.

   But missing school made me upset! I would miss the JAZZ BAND tour! I had looked forward to that for MONTHS! But I stayed home. When my sisters came home they gave me a stuffed bunny. 

  Apparently a kind para had given one to both me and the kid. I just hadn’t been there. Next year I got headgear. In my mouth. Then minibraces.

   Next a retainer. And now, a retainer I only have to wear at night. I still have that bunny. I always squeeze it when I feel I need it. The para is retired now. 

I felt brave. People told me I WAS brave. And my tooth came down. Life feels normal now. I no longer speed down turfs though!


A time I was brave

By Chase Wagner


When I was six years old I was very scared when some of my friends told me to go on this very high up parkour course.

I asked my Mom and Dad to go with my friends and they said yes.

I got there and met my friends and I saw how high up the course was. It was 30 feet up in the air and I got terrified.

They told me to not think of how high I was and they told me to think I was up in the clouds, But that is even higher than I was right now. So I had had to think of something else.

I got up on the course and wanted to go down but I had to overcome the hight. I did not look down and I was thinking that I was 1 foot about the floor. ( I was strapped into a vest, I was safe if I fell.)

I started to walk across the first bit of the course and then realized, This is not that bad.

I started to love the course after a minute and it was so fun.

Now every time I go onto a high platform course I am not afraid to do it.


That was a time I became brave with a high platform course.


A Time I Was Brave

By: Jayden Mari


 It was almost New Years Eve 2017 and  I was only 9 years old. We went to Wichita to a trampoline park called Urbain Air with some friends, my parents, and my little brother. We got our jump socks, took our shoes off, and put them in those little boxes. We put our socks on and were ready to have some fun!


I wanted to learn to do  a double front flip but that didnt go well. I decided to go for it without really thinking. I was doing really well tell until the next time I did it, and I did a double front flip but I tucked for way too long and did another half flip. I landed on my head, my knee came up really fast and smashed in to my nose. I started  bawling like crazy! There was blood gushing erywhere. I got out and my mom rushed me in to the bathroom and got paper towels to stop the bleeding. We weren’t sure if it was broken or not so we just went home.


The next day, New Years Eve, my Dad took me to McPherson ER to have an x-ray.  They told us I needed to see a specialist so they sent us to Hutch to se an ear, nose, and throat Dr.  It took at least an hour to get a doctor, but finally I got an x-ray. It was broken. My dad thought it would be funny to text my mom and tell her I had to have surgery. She freaked out! I really didn’t, and we had to tell her it was a joke.


Even with all of my pain I still went to our friends house for New Years. I never left the couch except to eat. When I got back to school they said I couldnt play outside or do P.E. I wasn’t allowed to play any sports so I just had to watch. I was bummed because we were playing basketball for like 2 weeks. 


I still love to go to trampoline parks. I’m not scared and I still try to master that double front flip. I can’t do one yet, but hopefully one day I wll be able to without breaking my nose again. 

A Time I was Brave

By Aurelia Potter 

A time I was brave was when I was playing softball with my team in a tournament in Haysville, Wichita. Our first games where on a  Friday and we had two games that evening. The first game was so hot, I had played catcher for the first two innings. Then I was up to bat and the pitcher count was a ball, another ball then I swung at a high pitch for a strike,  next came the next pitch was a hit not the hit you want off the bat a hit to my hip. It stung really bad but if the pitcher hits you with a pitch you get to go first base. Then I made it home and got us another point. Next thing I knew it was time for the next game.


The second game was crazy. So I was warming up to pitch and out of nowhere my finger started to bleed. Then it was time to pitch and the team we were playing were big girls. They could hit a ball so I was nervous. We were in the second inning and I was still pitching and to make it 

more nerve wracking my aunt from Ohio was there watching me and the girl came up to bat and hit a dinger. It was time for the next girl and i pitched like normal but she hit the ball off the barrel of the bat and it hit me right in the hip. So I went to sit on the bench and watch the game so our other pitcher went in and pitched some balls and strikes. Then she pitched a ball that was hit and was a hard ground ball, it took a weird hop and hit our shortstop in the nose.


So she had to come out so our pitcher had to be moved to shortstop and I went back in to pitch for the rest of the game. They did win by a few points but we had games that next day and all of us were tired. 


Our shortstop ended up with a broken nose and I got two bruises but now I know not to be scared of the ball and don’t pitch it right down the middle. We also did get third place in this tournament. 

A Time Of Bravery

By: Henry Lyon


A Time Of Bravery, this talks about when I started sports. When I said that I started sports I’m not talking about just any sport or position. I decided that I would play goalie in Lacrosse. This meant I would get solid rubber Lacrosse balls thrown or “shot” as hard as people could throw them, thrown at me and this is how that went.

At my first shooting practice, I did a decent job I caught my first few shots at the goal which was all of them since it was our team’s first time throwing the ball at the goal. It’s only later on in the year that people really started whipping shots at the goal. This took a lot of bravery because getting hit with rubber at around 50 miles an hour naturally takes some bravery. 


My first tournament was even worse than practice when it came to how much courage I needed because people who had played longer knew how to hit the goal even harder than my teammates. So, I needed to muster all of my courage not to move away from the ball to avoid getting hit. This was a struggle because getting hit with a Lacrosse ball hurts if your hit in the right spot but, eventually I got the hang of it.


After all my experience I can say that being a Goalie takes some bravery. I have been shown the right mindset for my position and that a good coach can change your mindset and whether or not you have that bravery. So, in the end, I learned that you should always have courage or don’t bother trying to succeed in sports.

This is the link to a game I created using a website called “scratch”  https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/374881923/

A Time I was Brave


Keaton Crane


A time I was brave was when I first started learning to drive. I have been looking forward to learning how to drive for a long time. I first started off driving a Four-Wheeler. I first started driving it when I was 8. Then I started to drive the Mule. The Mule is a Motorized vehicle. The Mule is more like a car because it has a wheel and pedals. I was 8 when I first started driving the Mule. I drove the Mule for a few years and I always pretended it was a car. Now I am practicing to drive a car at my grandpas I started learning today (4/5/20). I was driving my dad’s truck. I learn the basics today. I learned to drive forward, how to turn it on, how to back up, and stop. That was a time I was brave.




                                                  A Time I was Brave

Daniel Bowen


It was the summer of 2019, my family went to San Diego to go see some friends that live there. Most people fly when they travel over a thousand miles, but we drove there.  Being in the van that long was annoying, but I was excited to see New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California. But more than that I was nervous about getting to see and swim in the ocean for the first time.  


The day after we got to San Diego we went to a beach which was an hour away with my dad’s friends, whom I had just met the night before. My dad’s friend Dennis encouraged me to go boogie boarding, but I was really nervous and second guessing it.  However, his daughter Hazel and his son Mayer helped me feel better, so I tried it. I had a blast. It was wonderful.


The third day in San Diego we went to a different beach, but I was excited this time because I had boogie boarded before. The second day at the beach I wanted to stay in the ocean the whole time, I didn’t even want to come in for lunch. I was having so much fun that we didn’t realize we were in a rip tide. I was a little anxious after we heard about the rip tide, but I still boogie boarded with Hazel, Mayer, and Sean.


Watching Mayer and Hazel on the boogie boards gave me the confidence to go out there and boogie board as well. I’m glad I did it even when I was scared to do it because I loved and can’t wait to do it again.   


Sylas’ truck story

By Sylas Wagoner


One day I was eight and I was riding my red bike. I started off in the middle of the road but my mom told me to go to the side of the street. When I turned to the side a person turned to the side too in a truck. I was freaked out because the truck hit me. 


If I felt it, if it hurt that much, I would probably remember it but I don’t remember how much it felt. I just remember the feeling of the impact on my arm. 


My mom freaked out and was trying to run to me and fell on the ground. She got back up and ran towards me and her and I went to our house. There was blood all over my arm and I was totally chill. I was the calmest ever. She was so surprised. I was totally chill and didn’t know why I wasn’t crying. 


My mom cleaned my arm up and used the first aid kit. I had a scar on my arm for a while but that was it. 


This is a true story.