It was a bicycle miracle

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When Sylas K turned 13 at the end of March, my parents and sister got him a new bike. He was really excited. It was bright and shiny and a replacement for the bike the neighbor kid broke.

The bike has gotten a lot of use this summer. When I’m at dialysis, it is his only mode of transportation. A teenage boy has friends to visit and the water park to get to. He doesn’t want to wait on a ride, so the bike it is. 

Unfortunately, last week, the bike went missing. I didn’t make a formal police report. I figured there are bikes taken all the time and bigger crimes to worry about. I didn’t want to bother the police. Instead, I posted a picture online and explained it had disappeared and we would love to get it back. 

I figured the post was pretty pointless, as well. Instead of worrying much about getting the bike back, I began brainstorming how to get him another one. Money is so tight right now with all my medical stuff. There just isn’t extra. I feared it would be months before I could make it happen. 

With no bike to ride, I left the house one evening to pick up Sylas from the water park. As the garage door went up, I saw a police car in the driveway. The officer came to my window and explained another officer had been trying to call me about the bike, but his calls went straight to voicemail. For some reason, my phone service doesn’t always work in my house. 

Another officer had found the bike! He saw my online post and was keeping an eye out for it. He texted photos of the bike to the officer at my house and confirmed it was the bike. While I went to pick up Sylas, the officers made arrangements to get the bike to our house. 

Sylas K was so happy when I picked him up and told him the bike was on its way home. We thanked the officers profusely. They really went above the call of duty—putting in so much effort when I hadn’t even made a report. That night, he slept with the bike propped up beside him. That night, I cried myself to sleep. They were tears of gratitude. 

Big thanks to the McPherson Police Department for their help. They sure made life a little easier for us, and we are thankful.