Hopp’s Sno Shack: Serving up a sweet summer lineup

By Jessie Wagoner


Brian and Kendra Hopp, owners of Hopp’s Sno Shack, are serving up more than just sno cones this summer. They have a full slate of summer fun in the works. 

The Sno Shack is open in full force, serving sno cones in every flavor imaginable. Tried and true favorites like cherry, grape and peach are always a hit. And for the brave, there is no discouraging any sno cone concoction a brave soul can come up with. 

“I like to get my sno cone all mixed up,” Rayden Williams, 7, said. “I get cherry, banana and blue raspberry. My mom says it is gross, but I like it.” 

Liking it is what Brian Hopp hopes everyone feels when they pay Hopp’s Sno Shack a visit. After years of operating in McPherson, Hopp says the location is about more than sno cones, rather it serves as a place to support young people and the community. 

“I love McPherson and love the kids that work for us,” Brian Hopp said. “We employ 12 high school kids with a summer job.They are very responsible and take care of it. It’s a big deal to me that we are here for them.” 

Those high school employees will likely be even busier this summer than any summer before. This year, Hopp’s is bringing back their popular Concerts for a Cause series, which opens June 4 with a performance by Melissa Sitts to benefit local Girl Scout troops. Each Thursday evening between June 4 and Aug. 15 will feature another artist benefiting a local group. 

“We know people are still social distancing and being careful,” Brian Hopp said. “So for the concerts, we are asking people to bring their own lawn chairs because we won’t have the benches set up. But we want them to come out, be safe and have fun.” 

Thursday is a popular day at Hopp’s Sno Shack. In addition to the Concerts for a Cause, this year local farmers and producers will be selling their produce and products at Hopp’s Farmers Market. The first Farmers Market of the season was held last week with several farmers and producers participating. Fresh flowers, salad mixes, baked goods and plenty of sweet treats were available to purchase. Hopp’s Farmers Market runs from 4-6 p.m., each Thursday and anyone is welcome to participate. 

In an effort to celebrate the community even more, Brian Hopp is in the process of restoring the light from the old McPherson Swimming Pool. The previous pool featured a sand beach and the light was popular item, even having a few local swimmer’s names etched into it. Restoration of the light is scheduled to be completed by June 11. 

Sno cones and smiles are served up at Hopp’s Sno Shack on a daily basis from 5-9 p.m. The Hopp’s encourage the community to come out, have fun and enjoy the summer. 

“There is always a lot going on here and I like it that way,” Brian Hopp said. “I love this community and it is important to give back. Sometimes, things don’t make money, but they make sense. This is one of those things. We just want to be here for our community.”