His last harvest: Neighbors come together to help Postier bring in his crops

Last Harvest: Neighbors come together to help Postier bring in his crops

By Jessie Wagoner

Loren Postier, 62, of Inman, has been farming all his life. Each year, he has planted and tended to his crops, celebrating the culmination of his efforts with each harvest. This year, his neighbors banded together to help make harvest possible.

This year, harvest looked different for Postier, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March. He began chemotherapy shortly after his diagnosis, but the grueling chemotherapy schedule and side effects weren’t working for him.

“He tried chemo for just over a month,” Denise Postier, Loren Postier’s wife, said. “It was eight hours of chemo and he would have to get a shot every day. His quality of life wasn’t good.”

When Postier decided to quit chemo, he had a goal in mind; he wanted to be well enough to participate in his last harvest. With a little help from his friends and neighbors, Larry Froese and Mike, Greg and Jordan Goering, his wheat has been harvested.

“His huge goal was he wanted to drive the semi to town,” Denise Postier said. “I rode with him and he was very safe for himself and others on the road. He felt very blessed to take his grain in. He knew it was his last harvest.”

Denise Postier says the kindness shown by their neighbors has helped sustain the couple as they face such a challenging time. Harvest isn’t the only help they have seen, neighbors regularly check in and ask how they can help. Neighbors quickly arrived on the Fourth of July to help repair the Postier’s air conditioner, so they wouldn’t get too hot.

“We are very thankful for our neighbors who stepped up and helped, even when they had their own crops to harvest,” Denise Postier said. “The hugest thing is just be kind. Be kind to your neighbors, your friends and family. None of us knows what the future holds, so just be kind. We feel blessed to live in a community with such kind people.”

Froese shared the same sentiments about helping with Postier’s harvest.

“We all need to love our family, friends and neighbors while we can,” Froese said.

With harvest now complete, the Postiers are focusing on a few other things Loren would like to accomplish. COVID-19 has prevented them from taking a trip, so they are enjoying their time at home together.

“We feel blessed with each day we have,” Denise Postier said. “Blessed with each other and blessed by the kindness of others.”