Governor announces executive orders to assist Kansans amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced a number of executive orders Sunday to assist Kansans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Kansans elected me to serve as Governor and their health and safety is my number one priority, I am committed to leading the state forward during what are truly unprecedented times,” Kelly said. “While each of these orders has a specific purpose, together they will make sure Kansas families can access needed care and supplies until we have weathered this storm.”

The first executive order issued addresses preparing Kansas healthcare systmes for the influx of patients they will soon see. The order temporarily expands capacity in the healthcare system by:

Allowing doctors to prescribe medication after an appropriate telehealth consultation.
Authorizing out-of-state doctors to provide telemedicine services to Kansans, provided they are licensed in another state.
Permitting temporary emergency licenses for healthcre professionals regulated by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

“By allowing more doctors to practice in Kansas – and more patients to be seen remotely- we can alleviate the increasing burden on our healthcare system,” Kelly said. “Expanding the use of telemedicine for non-emergency related assessments like routine checkups and prescribing medication frees up additional time, resources and physical space in our hospitals and clinics.”

Kelly also signed an executive order which provides conditional and temporary relief from certain motor carrier rules and regulations to allow for quick and efficient delivery of needed resources.

“Expediating the transport of resources into the state will enable us to meet the increasing demand for medical supplies, groceries, and yes, even toilet paper,” Kelly said.

The order lifts certain weight restrictions and permitting requirements to allow needed supplies to get to Kansas or move through Kansas as quickly as possible.

As of Sunday morning, the McPherson County Health Department reported no positive cases of COVID-19 in McPherson County. They are requesting anyone who has traveled recently to contact the health department.