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Got Standards?

As our society and its traditions and history are slowly slipping away, I heard about a College School President who has given me hope. Dr. Jerry Davis of College of the Oarks. Every year for the past 15 years the School of the Ozarks in Branson Missouri hosts the NAIA mens national basketball championships. This is a Christian school who has a system where you don’t have to pay tuition if you work for the school all 4 years. Pretty unique. With what is happening in the NFL where many players won’t stand for the National Anthem this President decided to get out in front of this years National Tournament and announced that everyone will stand for the National Anthem or they won t play. Wow! Can I go work for this guy!He says tbat when people come to Branson to play it’s their house. When you go into someone else’s house you follow their rules. At School of the Ozarks, patriotism is practiced. Well, you know this isn’t politically correct which makes me stand and cheer.

I love sports but I don’t watch the NFL anymore. If all sports are going to be run like the NFL where there are no repercussions for not standing for our anthem, I’m done with them. They say it”s not against our flag, yes it is. Getting back to the National Tournament at the school of the Ozarks. The NAIA has decided to move the national tournament to another location where standards won’t require those to st.awl for our Anthem. Shame on you NAIA Administrators. Perfect chance to grow a spine and you go along with the 5% of our population who are making all these changes in our country. We all need the guts of this President. Thank you Dr. Jerry Davis for standing up. Our country needs more men and women like you.

Doug Gayer

McPherson, Kan.

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