Don’t shop out of town before checking out Happy Hollow

During this pandemic, we are endeavoring to take care of our community. If you have the means to back us through a subscription or a gift subscription for someone else, we appreciate your support.


Bill Bush


MOUNDRIDGE—Happy Hollow Gift Shop owner Angela Unruh worried when she shut down for six weeks to help protect the community from the spread of COVID-19. 

“I thought they’re either going to find out they can do without Happy Hollow in those six weeks or I’m going to see if they really like it and come back,” Unruh laughed. “All of my customers have come back.”

In fact, she said she’s gain new customers during the pandemic because many people don’t want to shop in the bigger cities. 

Many locals may also have learned how many items Unruh carries inside her store at 420 N Wedel.

“I have a large inventory for this size of a town,” Unruh said. “I work very hard at offering items for the community. Sometimes, the customers come in and I don’t have it, but I find the item they’re looking for, if it’s within my means I do.” 

That’s not to say that the coronavirus still might not have a negative affect on her business going forward. She’s already worried about Christmas because it’s a big time for the store and Unruh is trying to come up with ideas to spread out the customer shopping.

Normally, her parking lot is full and her store is standing room only, but social distancing will change all of that.

“In the space I have, I’m allowed 7-8 people,” Unruh said. “I think it comes out to seven and a half, but that doesn’t work too good.”

Happy Hollow carries top of-the-line new items, according to Unruh, including rhythm clocks, greeting cards, candles, kitchen items, wind chimes, handbags, baby items and more. 

They also carry face masks and hand sanitizer. Unruh said those items go like water, but she has several companies online that she works with to keep the inventory coming in.

Happy Hollow offers bridal and baby registries and gives a $30 gift certificate to those who sign up. They also provide complimentary gift-wrapping for items purchased in the store.

Happy Hollow is a member of the Moundridge Chamber of Commerce and accepts chamber bucks.

Unruh started the business six years ago with her daughter, Erica, and her husband’s backing and support. They bought out a small existing inventory from Marcy’s on Main, which had been located in Galva. She said there wasn’t a place to keep it in Galva, so they opened up their current location in Moundridge. 

“I love it back here in this quiet corner,” Unruh said about their location one block east of Christian Street. “I have shade trees. I have plenty of parking for open houses. Moundridge has been a good place to be.”

She named the store Happy Hollow after the school her dad attended south of Galva. Her dad lived about an eighth of a mile north of the school and his family often boarded the school teachers. Unruh and her husband Dale still live on the same section she grew up on.

Unruh’s had customers from all over the area, including Wichita, Salina, and Hutchinson, and has mailed purchases to places far away including Canada.

When asked what she would like people to know about Happy Hollow, she responded, “Come in and see what’s here. They’ll be surprised. Most people say that.”

Happy Hollow is open from 9-5, M-F, and 9-12 on Saturdays.