Covid-19 cases climb to 40

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By Anne Hassler Heidel

McPherson News Ledger

McPHERSON—The number of COVID-19 cases for McPherson County has climbed to 40, according to McPherson County Health Department Director Shalei Shea. Thirty of those cases have met recovery standards. Seven of the cases are in one household that includes five children between the ages of 1-8 years old.

Shea answered questions from the McPherson County Commissioners at Monday’s meeting about reopening plans and COVID-19 cases.

Shea said that statistically, the county has had a 10 percent increase in cases, but given the overall low numbers, it’s a unique situation.

“It looks bad on data, but if you read that with everything else that goes into it, it’s a pretty controlled situation,” Shea said.

When asked about the phase out plan for lifting all restrictions in the county, Shea was hopeful that June 22 would still be the final date of the phase out plan.

“This week will tell – today, tomorrow and Wednesday – will kind of be a tell — tell for what stuff happened last weekend with all the rallies and stuff that were going on,” Shea said. “This week, we’re really focusing on long-term care facilities and trying to get them to start to reopen.”

In other business at the commission meeting, Julie McClure, Director of Emergency Management, requested a change to the plan for proceeding with the county’s cell tower projects in light of the Roxbury sites delays. A Wiley Baxter of L3 Harris, which is completing work on the other four tower sites, said his company would pay the $3,000 remobilization fee if necessary. The fee would not need to be paid if the Roxbury issues were cleared up before work at the other sites was complete. The 95 percent coverage goal will be delayed until the Roxbury site is tested and operational.

The county commission meeting scheduled for June 22 has been cancelled. The commission will next meet on June 29.