City meeting to move to community building

By Randy Fogg



INMAN—For the second straight month, the Inman City Council will be meeting at the Inman Community Building, which is located at Lambert Park.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 11.

“We don’t have enough room for everyone here at the city office,” City Clerk Barb Tuxhorn said. “We can’t have social distancing.”

Even though Gov. Laura Kelly lifted the stay-at-home order at the start of the week, some of the other restrictions were left in place. People can still only gather in groups of no more than 10.

Members of the Inman Council are Don Froese, Scott Schriner, Dennis Schroeder, Darin Pote and Dave Thiessen. Mayor Jim Toews heads up the meeting.

Tuxhorn said members of the public were encouraged to attend the meeting, but they must follow the social distancing guidelines of staying six feet apart.

For people who do not feel comfortable with going out in public, Tuxhorn said the meeting will still be broadcasted through Facebook Live. To watch it, people must go the City of Inman, KS, Facebook page.

During the upcoming council meeting, council members will review the city’s capital improvement plan for this year.

Tuxhorn explained the council will consider how they want to prioritize the city’s spending and take a look at equipment needs in the city’s departments.

“What are some of the anticipated needs of the city in the next five years?” Tuxhorn asked.

Besides watching the meeting live, residents can also listen to what took place during the meeting. Tuxhorn said an audio recording of the meeting will be placed on the city’s website——within a few days after the meeting.