City Has Busy Summer Road Construction Schedule

Here is a run-down of upcoming street, sewer and storm water projects from Public Works Director Jeff Woodward:

South Front Street- This project is from Centennial Drive to Champlin: Milling is completed.  Patching is under way.  We are going to install new inlets by Braum’s and eliminate the dip in the road.  We will have to close the road completely (open on either end) to put in new storm pipe.  After storm sewer and patching is complete, we will overlay the street.

This project should be completed in the next 30-45 days.

Avenue “A”-Centennial Drive 10’ Sidewalk- This project is from Thunderbird Street along Avenue “A”, on the south side, to just past Clubhouse Drive, then south where is crosses the creek between KMU and the dog park, then east to Centennial, then South to the dog park and north to Avenue “A on the west side. At the intersection of Avenue “A”/Centennial Drive we move to the east side of Centennial Drive north to South Front Street: All of the sidewalk base is complete.  about 80% of the concrete sidewalk is placed,  The reinforced concrete box culvert is placed.  Approximately 1/2 of the sidewalk lights are placed.  This project should wrap up in the next 30 days.

Elm Street Drainage Project: This project is drainage improvements on Elm Street from Kansas Avenue to Euclid Street,  down Marlin Street from Elm to Ash, down Euclid Street from Elm to Ash.  This project is started but we have run into a utility conflict we are trying to find a temporary solution that will allow the Contractor to continue.  I have no idea at this point how long the delay will be.

Projects Starting Soon:

Hulse Area Drainage Project: This project is a drainage ditch improvement from 1st Street North to Main Street between Tractor Supply and Dillon’s.  We will widen the channel, put concrete floor and retaining walls in where it bends and replace the box culverts at First Street, High School Entrance, Hulse Street/North High Drive, Myers, Wheeler, Crescent Lane, and Grimes.  The Streets will have to be closed at the Culvert Crossing to replace the box culverts.  The design is nearly complete, Most of the needed easements have been obtained and utilities are being re-located.  We expect to let this by August.  We hope to have construction completed by August of 2019.

Grimes/ Anna Street Reconstruction: This project is a total reconstruction of Grimes Street from 1st to Hulse and a total reconstruction of Anna Street from Grimes to North High Drive with associated drainage improvements.  The Design is nearly completed.  This project should be let September/October and hopefully start construction this fall.  Work should be completed by the fall of 2019.  The entire street will be closed for the majority of the project.

Hartup-Elizabeth Total Reconstruction:  This project is a total reconstruction of Hartup Street from Marlin to Avenue “A”, and total reconstruction of Elizabeth from Hartup to Park Street.   The design is completed.  We are just starting easement acquisitions. and utility re-locations.  We hope to let this one August.  Hopefully work will start this fall and finish up next summer.  This road will be closed half at a time and Hartup will be a one lane/one way street during construction.

Carrie Street: Kansas Avenue to Marlin:  This is a total reconstruction by the Street Department.  This project will start in the next week or two and should be completed by the end of July.  Carrie street will be closed for the length of construction.


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