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City Changes Stance on Community Sewer

By Anne Hassler Heidel

McPherson News

The residents of the 200 block  of S. Hartup and Grand Streets received good news concerning the community sewer replacement planned by the City of McPherson Monday night. The homeowners had previously been told that the cost of replacing the mains and laterals would be split between the city and property owners. Now the city will pay for the cost of the new sewer main and residents have the option to not replace their lateral lines.

Some property owners like Matt Anderson have seen costs for the project go down by 90%. Anderson said he is relieved with the change and plans to go ahead with replacing his lateral.

Public Works Director Jeff Woodward said the change will now be city policy when it comes to community sewers. The city originally planned to pay for 11% of the entire project and then told property owners the city would pick up 40% of the cost before coming to the policy decision announced Monday night.

Woodward said the additional project costs will come from the reserve fund of the wastewater treatment plant budget.

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