Canton/Galva fifth grader uses sewing talent to help others


Bill Bush


GALVA—Eleven-year-old Brynn Kruse said she decided to make face masks because she thought it would be fun and because they were going to the nursing homes.

Brynn’s mom, Jill, said she received an e-mail from the extension office about making the face masks, so she asked Brynn if she was interested.

“She didn’t hesitate; she wanted to help,” Jill said.

Brynn has been in 4H for four years, participating in arts and crafts, horticulture, photograph and showing cattle. She lives on a farm where her family raises cattle. 

She’s only been sewing for a year, however.

“Last year, I was at my grandma’s house and we were bored and so we used her sewing machines and made a pillowcase and I took it to the fair,” Brynn explained. “And then this year, we bought ourselves a sewing machine.”

Brynn said the extension office gave them fabric, t-shirt ties, a video and instruction sheets. When they ran out of fabric, they cut their own t-shirts and bought more fabric at the store.

She said her mom and 13-year-old brother also helped make masks and that she had to help her brother with the sewing. In all, Brynn made 20 masks all on her own. She didn’t know how many more her brother and mom made.

Her mom said she was proud of Brynn.

“I was pleasantly surprised that she was willing to take it on,” Jill said. “I think it helped though with not having as much to do with school and things like that, she was kind of looking for things to do, too. But she’s one to want to help people, so that part didn’t surprise me so much.”

Brynn, a 5th grader, said she’s also sewn some clothes and hopes to learn how to make a quilt.

She said that they gave the masks to the 4H, who took them to the nursing homes. When asked why she made them, she said, “Because they needed them with the virus going on.”

Brynn said her favorite part of 4H is going to the fairs and seeing her friends, which she misses a lot.