Buddy’s Ice Cream serving sweet treats


By Jessie Wagoner


Drawing a crowd is something Mark Treder and Troy Evans, friends and co-owners of Buddy’s Ice Cream, are becoming quite good at. Their homemade ice cream, in a variety of flavors draws a crowd of eager customers each time they set up on Main St. 

Saturday evening, regular customers and a few new ones stopped by the Buddy’s Ice Cream truck to pick up a sweet dish of homemade ice cream. 

“We have never had Buddy’s before,” Rosa Mejia of McPherson said. “But, we saw the flags and truck and decided to stop. I picked the vanilla and it is very good. It tastes like homemade ice cream my grandpa used to make. Delicious.” 

Buddy’s Ice Cream may still be attracting new customers, but they aren’t new to the ice cream business. 

“Back in 2006, we went to North Carolina and bought the whole outfit,” Treder said. “We got the trailer and everything. We have gotten a pretty good following of people who like our ice cream.” 

Treder creates all of the ice cream flavors himself, no premade or store bought mixes for Buddy’s. He enjoys coming up with a new flavor, each year. This year, he wanted to name the new flavor, “The Pandemic,” but opted for Mud Pie, instead. 

“We have one flavor that has chipotle in it,” Treder said. “And another that tastes like a root beer float. You taste the vanilla and the root beer at the same time. I try to come up with some different or unusual things.” 

Homemade ice cream tends to stir up nostalgic memories. Years ago, people would hand crank their ice cream makers, waiting patiently or not so patiently for their ice cream to be ready. Buddy’s has a little assistance to speed up the process, but it is still a tool from years gone by. 

“It is a 1941 John Deere hit and miss three horsepower engine,” Evans said. “Very much an antique.” 

The engine speeds up the process, with the first batch taking about an hour and a half. After the first batch, it usually only takes about 30 minutes per batch. 

Buddy’s Ice Cream isn’t just available on Main St. The duo happily travels to provide ice cream at festivals, corporate events or large family gatherings. Employee appreciation days, family reunions and family celebrations can be made complete with a treat from Buddy’s. 

To schedule Buddy’s Ice Cream or for additional information, contact Treder or Evans, at 620-242-7867.