Ask Jessie: Drug search conducted at McPherson High School


By Jessie Wagoner


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Question: I heard there was a drug search at McPherson High School? What really happened?


Random drug searches are conducted at McPherson High School, and that is exactly what happened on Nov. 16. We reached out the McPherson Police Department to gather more information.

Captain Mark Brinck advised a random drug search was conducted at McPherson High School. This search involved McPherson High School administrators, McPherson Police Officers, McPherson County Sheriff’s K-9 Deputies and several additional K-9 officers and deputies from surrounding law enforcement agencies.

“During the search, one student was detained after running from the high school,” Brinck said.

There are many rumors circulating on social media about the search and what occurred during the search. Brinck was able to confirm no one was injured during the search.

“Contrary to circulating rumors, the student was not Tazed or bitten by a K-9,” Brinck said. “In fact, no one was bitten by a K-9.”

McPherson High School and the parking lots on school grounds were searched. No drugs were found during the search.