Answers to your questions about COVID-19

By Jessie Wagoner

Editor’s Note: We have received numerous questions regarding COVID-19 and how it impacts the community. We are providing answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions, email, and she will address them in a future edition of the paper.

Are the parks in McPherson closed?

The parks in McPherson remain open with some modifications. Beginning on March 24 the playgrounds, dog park and park restrooms were closed. Picnic tables and trash cans have been removed from the park. Open space parks and trails are open.

We urge you to actively practice social distancing and keep six feet away from other park users,” a release issued by the city on March 25 said.

Who is classified as an essential worker?

Essential workers include those employed in healthcare operations, infrastructure and emergency responders. This would include any medical staff, mental health providers and ancillary healthcare services employees. Infrastructure employees include those working in road and bridge, solid waste collection, truck drivers, internet and telecommunications systems, grocery stores, banking, communications, media and public transportation, fast food, and restaurant employees. Emergency responders include police, fire and dispatchers.

Are court hearings being held?

Both municipal and district court are currently closed due to COVID-19. The only cases being heard in district court are emergency essential cases. All other cases are being continued to a later date.

Municipal court is temporarily closed to public access. For any questions regarding court dates and citations, call the office at 620-245-2507 or email at Payments can be made by mail to:

McPherson Municipal Court

P.O. Box 1008

McPherson, KS 67460

Do I need documentation to prove I’m an essential worker?

Many businesses have provided their employees with documentation stating they are essential workers, however, this documentation is not required. Gov. Laura Kelly addressed this in the Stay At Home Order issued for the state.

No individual leaving their home in order perform an activity or function allowed under this order shall be required to carry or present any letter, identification card or other paper proving that they are allowed to leave their home,” the order reads. “Law enforcement officers enforcing this order should use their discretion and consider the totality of the circumstances as they determine appropriate enforcement action.”