Advance voting underway in McPherson County

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By Jessie Wagoner


Advance voting for the 2021 election is now underway in McPherson County. Registered voters in McPherson County who want to participate in advance voting can now do so at the McPherson County Courthouse.

Election Day isn’t officially until Nov. 2, but many voters like to take advantage of advance voting to ensure their vote is counted.

“I always worry that I will get sick or something will happen on Election Day and I won’t make it to the polls,” Rita Harwick of McPherson said. “Because of that, I like to do advance voting. I can run into the courthouse when I have time and get it done, and I don’t have to worry anymore.”

To vote in the election, voters must have completed their registration by Tuesday, Oct. 12. If you are registered, you are welcome to vote in advance at the courthouse until the day before Election Day. 

Voters in McPherson will be asked to consider two candidates for the position of Mayor of McPherson, Tom Brown and Luke Aichele. McPherson voters have three positions to fill on the USD-418 Board of Education. There are nine candidates on the ballot to be considered, including William J. (Jake) Whitenack, Brooke Kanitz, Gene Wilson, Bruce J. Laude, Tony Wedel, Brian Meek, Tricia Warring, Brian L Kynaston and Lara Vanderhoof. While Whiteneck and Laude remain on the ballot, both have announced since filing they are no longer seeking election. 

Canton has one council member position open, and one candidate, Stephen Panetta, is on the ballot. USD-419 – Canton-Galva has several people running for positions on the board, including 

Courtney E. Swart, Jeff Kruse, Alex Westbrook, Zachary Scott Cannizzo and Dan Miller. 

Galva has three council member positions open and four candidates, including Stephanie Unruh, George E. Andreas, Andrew Bruce and Justin L. Reynolds. 

Inman voters are being asked to vote for mayor, which has only one candidate on the ballot, James Toews. Inman has two council member positions open with three candidates, Dennis Schroeder, Michelle Neufeld and Justin Friesen. USD-448 – Inman has three positions open on the school board with six candidates, Darren Schmidt, Jacob Gouldie, Katy Reinecker, Josiah Wuerffel, David K Balzer and Brett Wiens. 

Moundridge has two candidates running for mayor, Jeremy Moore and Kevin Schmidt. There are two counci lmember positions open with two candidates, Wayne Fisher and Kirk Stucky. USD-423 – Moundridge has three positions open on the board and four candidates, Rick Kohl,

Craig Galle, Brad A. Jantz and Ryan W. Koehn.