2021 proved to be a busy year for the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office


By Jessie Wagoner


McPherson County Sheriff Jerry Montange has released the 2021 statistics for his department. The numbers show the Sheriff’s Office had a very busy year. 

Serving official paperwork, like court orders and subpoenas are a large responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office. During 2021, the office served 2,800 papers. Those included 119 court orders, 743 subpoenas, 319 tax warrants and 598 protection from abuse orders (PFA’s).  

“PFA’s, those have gone up a lot,” Montange said. “A lot of times they are served with domestic situations. We are getting quite a bit of those.” 

During 2021, deputies responded to 188 vehicle collisions. They worked one fatality collision in 2021. The majority of the incidents involved deer versus car. In November 2021, deputies worked 74 deer versus car collisions. 

“November is definitely the busiest month,” Montange says. “Deer accidents happen the most in November, so if you are our driving your vehicle in November you need to be really careful.” 

The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office has two K-9 dogs that serve the area. The dogs were deployed 173 times in 2021. The majority of those deployments were for McPherson County, though the dogs served 40 deployments for outside agencies. Montange says the K-9’s are a huge asset to the office and have proved to be quite useful in search and seizure. 

The office executed 85 drug seizures during the course of 2021. Those seizures totaled a dollar amount of $16,095 and included marijuana, heroin and cocaine. 

“We have seen more heroin than we have in the past,” Montange said. “It has kind of made a comeback.” 

Jail operations is the responsibility of the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office. During 2021, $1.4 million was budgeted for operational costs with actual expenditures totaling $1.2 million. A total of 1,054 individuals were arrested and booked into the jail. Of those, 661 were held for the Sheriff’s Office with 503 being held for other agencies. 

“The maximum number of inmates we can house is 60 and that would be really crowded,” Montange said. “But the average daily inmate count for 2021 was 34.” 

Montange thanked the employees of the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office for their work over the last year. The deputies and staff help keep things moving smoothly and safely throughout the county. 

“I want to thank my staff for doing such a good job,” Montange said.