Semi Carrying Propane Overturns on 153 Spur

McPherson Fire Department, EMS, Sheriff and KHP received a call for service for a semi truck roll-over on K-153. It was reported that a victim was pinned inside the semi truck and product was leaking from the vessel. Upon arrival a short extrication was conducted and the victim was quickly removed. McPherson EMS treated and transported the patient. The truck was hauling a full load of propane in a MC 331 trailer. No propane leaked from the vessel. We had minor fluids leaking from the truck itself. They were quickly stopped and mitigated. To recover the MC 331 trailer, a fluid transfer of the propane was conducted by McPherson Fire Department Hazmat team and Farmers Oil. Due to the proximity of the trailer to Union Pacific railroad, trains were slowed to a “walking speed” as they passed the incident. At times, train traffic was halted. Once the fluid transfer was completed, Auto House recovered the semi truck and trailer. The roadway was reopened.

Product details
Propane is transported/stored under pressure as a liquid and quickly turns to a gas once it is exposed to the atmosphere. It is a highly flammable product.

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