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Mayoral Forum Gives Voters First Glance

McPherson voters got their first chance to compare the two candidates for mayor Thursday at the McPherson Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Forum held at the American Legion. The forum was also broadcast on KBBE 96.7 and on the McPherson News Facebook Live feed. A copy of the recording is still available on the News’ Facebook page for those interested.

The evening started with two prepared questions from moderator Dan Hervey and candidates had one minute to present a prepared response. From there, the floor was opened up to questions from the public.

Selzer, a local small business owner, said he is running for mayor to give back to the community.

Incumbent Mayor Brown said he is running for re-election for a third term in order to complete projects begun under his tenure.

Attracting residents to the community and affordable living

Selzer said McPherson has a wide variety of housing ranging from $40,000 to $400,000 so depending on your definition of affordable, there is housing available in McPherson. Selzer also listed several ammenities already available in McPherson but said residents on the west side of McPherson are isolated from services and conveniences.

Brown said the key to more ammenities in McPherson is to grow the population to 20,000 and increase the tax base.

Number one challenge facing McPherson that you would address if elected mayor

Selzer said street repair and storm drainage is McPherson’s biggest challenge. He emphasized scheduling and use of local employees for the projects should be a priority and keeping jobs local.

Brown agreed infrastructure is the biggest challenge facing the city.

“If we do not actively pursue renewing various areas of our infrastructure, we will ultimately have such expensive problem we will not be able to afford it. Then we will begin a slow death spiral that many towns to the west of us are already in the grips of today,” Brown said.

A complete video of the forum is available to view on the McPherson News Facebook page.

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