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Habitat for Humanity Seeking Applicants

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home but needed just a little help to make it happen? McPherson County Habitat for Humanity is seeking applicants interested in partnering on its next home build project.

The process in a nutshell:

• Interested families request an application by returning a completed flyer or going on-line  to and using the electronic request under the Apply tab.

• Application packets are mailed and must be completed and returned by April 9.

• The Family Selection Committee, made up of Board members and community members, begins by running credit and background checks on all applicants.

• Applicants may be eliminated if they exceed the established debt-to-income ratio or if issues in the areas of need and partnering are apparent.

• Those applicants remaining in the process are vetted through contacting employers, financial institutions, and landlords.

• If applicants are not eliminated through vetting, a home visit is scheduled to give committee members and applicants a first-hand opportunity to discuss living conditions and clarify financial questions.

• The committee looks at all information and makes a decision for recommendation based on the greatest need along with ability to pay and willingness to partner. (Habitat looks closely at the financial piece because it want homeowners to be successful.)

• The recommendation is presented to the entire Habitat Board for approval.

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