Register of Deeds

1-10-18 Register of Deeds

Jerry V. Hall and Jean E. Hall to Zackary Vogel and Katherine Vogel, Tract South Half, Southwest Quarter, Section 8, Township 17, Range 3, McPherson County.

Gary W. Whited and Arnell B. Whited to Jesse May and Christina May, part Lot 12, Harry Spence 2nd Addition.

Gladys C. Temple to Stuart W. Ratzloff and Debra A. Kenel, part Lot 8 and Lot 9, Block 15, Moundridge, OTS.

Debra A. Ratzloff to Shanyn M. Lambertus and Jeffery M. Lambertus, part Lot 8 and Lot 9, Block 15, Moundridge.

Tyler J. Habiger and Danielle K. Habiger to Julia Susan Burris, Lot 9, Block 5, Foxfire Addition.

Barbara A. Schmidt to Jeff L. Wheaton and Marie L. Wheaton, part Lot 9 and 10, Block 2 Foxfire Addition.

Vicki J. Johnston and Toni D. Shope to Joseph T. Willis and Sherryl L. Willis, Lot 10 and 12, Empire St, Galva, OTS.

Willis R. Blaylock and Donna L. Blaylock to Dustin T Unruh and Brittany C Unruh, part South Half, Northeast Quarter, Section 23, Township 20, Range 1, McPherson County.

Braxton M Best to James A. Mayfield and Ruth A. Mayfield, Lots 1 and 2, Block 25, Marquette, OTS.

Joyce M. Tolle to Adrian S Tolle, Lot 1 and 5, part Lot 2, Sandberg’s Addition, Roxbury.  Part South Half, Southwest Quarter, Northwest Quarter, Section 20, Township 17, Range 1, McPherson County.

Landon Maehon Shaw and Shelby Lynn Shaw to Erik Christopher Peterson and Amanda Rosanne Peterson, North Half, Northeast Quarter, Section 21, Township 17, Range 2, McPherson County.

Nancy J Perrin to Roland S Moody and Barbara M Moody, all Lot 10, part Lot 11, Block 104, McPherson, OTS.

Seth A Hale to Aaron J Potter and Elisabeth J Potter, Lot 2 Block 4, Highland Addition.

William K Phipps and Casie Phipps to Larry D Anderson and Ann M Anderson, Lot 40, Block 1, Oxford Point Subdivision.

Lesha N Strausz to Steven Mendola and Serena Mendola, Lot 7, Block B, Wollmann’s Third Addition, Mounmdridge.

Joyce A Fore to Martin L Bell and Nancy S Bell, Lot 12, Block 20, McPherson OTS.

James S Haritatos and Ann S Haritatos to Ronald S Ediger and Lori A Ediger, Lot 12, Block 4, Eastmoor Addition.

Ron Ediger and Lori Ediger to Jacob E Walton, Lots 19 and 20, Block 1, Grand View Addition.

Christopher Soden and Jessica A Soden to Dustin Koehn and Kimberly Koehn, Lot 10, Block 3, Quivira Acres First Addition.

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